Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ho Ho Ho.........

It's here!  Winter has reared it's ugly head and we were caught in our underwear........ again!
This year the lights have not been hung and the old elf has been busy splitting and stacking wood.
Now that I think about it.......... that is ok as it has has kept him off the roof and out of the trees.
With luck I will slap a wreath on the door and throw a string of twinkle lights on the wood pile by Dec. 24th.

Every year I have visions of baking cookies in a June Cleaver apron and decorating the house while the smell of cinnamon circles my head, giving me a migraine........ and this is before I dip into the bourbon balls I hide under corner cabinet!   It never happens; it used to happen when the wee ones were padding around in footed jammies but the Wee Ones are now in their 20's.

Yesterday I saw the first rubbermaid tote emerge from the bowels of the basement.  I was working away in the back room when I heard the plastic bottom sliding over the floor.  I kept weaving, I knew what it was but I didn't get up, I didn't feel bad.  At midnight I decided to slink off to bed and what did my wondering eyes behold?  Electrified garlands wrapped around doorways, up the staircase and into a spare bedroom.
Today I noticed the battery operated candles had appeared in each and every window in our house.

Can I watch the "Polar Express" one more time?   I bought him a giant gold bell without a dinger in it.
I screamed ........ I HEAR IT!    It's hard to leave him his illusions when he's pushing 60.

December 14th and I am packing the truck, charging the cell phone, loading the ipod with books, gassing up the truck and filling the wiper reservoir with pure alcohol for a sub zero drive to Arlington, Va.
The alarm is set for 3:30 a.m. the coffee pot is locked and loaded, thermos is on standby and the maps are in the travel bag.  Yes, maps!  not a GPS but a good old fashioned map.
According to mapquest, a mere 6 hours and 40 minutes to my destination.

Picking up a new/used Crafthut outdoor canopy for shows scheduled in 2011.  Next stop, the Walters Museum in downtown Baltimore to drop off two ordered pots to a more than patient curator.  Weaving the last two weeks has been intense!  The results are:

I will return by midnight and wake up refreshed and ready for Santa! 

Happy Holidays! 

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  1. Beautiful work, never mind the cookies. Merry Christmas!