Friday, December 31, 2010

December 31, still listening..........

Waking up this morning I realized winter had given us a reprieve and released us from an icy grip, if only for a few hours.  Making coffee, I grab the camera, left a note to my sleeping family, apologetically patted the dog on the head and make my way out the door........ to the beach.  

This is it, December 31st, the last day of the year.  Time to look back, conjure up hopes and dreams about moving forward.  Maybe my walk will reveal what my year holds......... 

Here is review of my morning walk...........

I am not in the Arctic I am standing on the shores of Lake Erie in Northeastern Ohio.  
It is so quiet this morning, peaceful, yet I know the fury this lake can unleash.  

 During the last storm a fish finds it's final resting place....... in a tree.

the icy jaws of winter......

Sharing the beach with a blue heron.  What is he doing here?  
Hard to believe this frozen place can sustain life in sub zero weather and yet here he is.

Some won't make it.

There is profound beauty in this quiet place.

on my way home the gifts this morning were many......... 

Walking down the path and mesmerized by a large flock of geese over head, I am slapped into reality by a thin willow branch on my cold cheek.  Harsh?  No, just pay attention.

An hour and half later I am moved by the revealing secrets of natures.

I started this walk watching a bald eagle snatch a rabbit in a field.  I watched in disbelief as bald eagles two years ago were non-exsistent in northern Ohio.
The eagle; hunting, catching & eating speaks of abundance and prosperity, maybe not for the rabbit. 
Work hard, stay focused and you might feast too.  Stand still in the face of fear and you just might not live to see another day....... at least free.

Some of us will thrive and make the journey; other will not.  

Step over the chasms this year.......

Seek a safe harbor during storms this year and stay on course.............

and most of all, take time to smell the roses...........



  1. and a good and prosperous new year to you!

    Lake Erie....looking eerie

  2. and a good and prosperous new year to you!

    Lake Erie....looking eerie

  3. Thank you! and you and yours in return!

    Gwynneth, as a fellow gardener, I am happy to report I dug potatoes out of the garden today! Covered in straw it kept them safe from the sub-zero temps here.
    Roasted rosemary potatoes for dinner tonight.