Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The heat goes on.........

The wilted afternoon gardens at their finest!  With the daily temps hovering in the 90's I must say we are all wilted; flowers, vegetables and the gardener.  Cannot remember the last time we had a good rain so things are showing the wear and tear of summer.  Seems more like August than July.  The weather folks promise a cooler day tomorrow and to hang on one more day........ and Santa is coming at Christmas.

I have decided not to turn the stove on to can the beets this week and are watering them daily, hoping they will do better in the ground than my fridge.

A few flowers are doing well in the heat but they will not last long.

a nice miniature rose that seems to love the heat.....

Acapulco lilies, oriental

the basil is sprouting nicely and seems to love the heat as well......

the patio base has been ordered and I cannot wait to sit by the pond and have a cool drink when that is done!  Like that will ever happen :)

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