Sunday, July 10, 2011

Peaks and Valleys, peaks and valleys.........

Since rounding the first half of the year and going over records, trying to balance books and trying to keep the gardens look good it occurred to me this is a year of peaks and valleys.  
Spring brought so much rain I thought my toes were going web.  Even in the midst of swimming to the car I thought; We should be storing this water.  Did I listen?  Of course not!  Now I am tethered to the garden hose trying to figure out who needs a drink to survive the 90 degree heat. 
Peaks and Valleys in the water department.

 Yesterday it was barely 70F.  degrees, today 92 F......  This Spring we went from sweltering 90's to freezing in two short days.  Again, Peaks and Valleys in the temperature department.

My kids seem to be riding the peaks and valleys too.  Which in turn takes me to new peaks and valleys.....
I'm in Grad School!  I need to pay for it!  (and she was awarded a terrific scholarship)


So goes the stock market.  Last Thursday I spent a lovely evening with a "financial advisor" who pointed out we are in for a bumpy ride until the election.  The most we are staying in funds is 5 - 30 days, used to be 3 to 6 months, those days are gone!  Peaks and Valleys! and he had the graph to prove it!

The Shows have been pretty good this year I can happily report.  Returning home with my little pile of money I sit down and distribute for supplies, electric bill, jury fees, show fees and back to; "How can I be this tired and broke?"  However all show fees are paid until the end of the year and I have a ton of clay sitting in the studio waiting to be turned into pots.  Yards of waxed linen sit on my weaving table and I want for no thing.  Just wish there was a wee cushion.  Again Peaks and Valleys......

You're in, you're out......  riding the Peaks and Valleys of the jury.  Not one show came through in August, September or October.   November starts with a bang, 5 shows back to back!  Not sure how I will pull that one off or if I even can.  For now I am making lists and descending into the studio to work full time and a bit more to pull enough inventory together.  Will the kilns hold up?  Will my hands hold up?  Will the weather cooperate as all the shows are out of town.

It just seems to be the norm this year.  I prefer the center but will adjust my sails accordingly....

the center.........

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  1. I broke even last year, this year doesn't bear thinking about yet.

    and still I is part of me