Friday, July 15, 2011

Urgent care...... definition please!

A lovely picture of what last year was a black calla lily.  This year it's pink..... lesson, expect changes!

Two days ago I took myself to Urgent Care.  As I had; a take your breath away charlie horse for the last six weeks and now swelling had set in.  Googled everything I could find on swollen legs and leg pain only to find "blood clot" coming up over and over.  Scaring myself into a trip to Urgent Care.

I am of the school, let's wait and see........ six weeks was long enough and now it was just getting in the way of daily chores; like getting your underwear and jeans over your calf.  This should not be a wrestling match with ones self.
Urgent care poked, prodded, scanned and wrote a prescription.  Diagnosis....... maybe a Baker's cyst that had lodged in your calf.  Considering I thought I had blood clot I was relieved.  I have reams of paper work to read and was told don't mess around call for a follow up with yet another physician.   Three out of three physicians are booked two - three weeks.  My brain said;  Good God are we all really that sick? Then a dear friend pointed out......... "SANDY YOU ARE IN A BUBBLE!"  I like the bubble!  Last time I went to a "facility" I had a baby and that was a 40 minute labor and it was a midwife.  I was home eating lunch by noon.  And I know I am very, very, very, lucky!  It was pointed out to each person who makes the Dr.'s appointments what had been diagnosed at urgent care.  Three out of three;  OK not life threatening we can get you in 2 weeks.  Finally I found someone who take me in 7 days.  Their idea of urgent and my idea of urgent are not even remotely the same. 

That done I googled the prescription.  Nope!  The side effects alone could stop a horse!  I am going to take this for anti inflammation and pain.  You move 26 yards of mulch and see if you don't have pain and inflammation!  It just is and it is expected!  

Here is what I consider urgent:

two tons of gravel waiting to be spread....... which is blocking the driveway! 

15 pounds of beets just pulled from the garden and needing to be pickled! 

prepare for a show coming up!  

gardens to be weeded, watered, tomatoes tied up, deadheading and peppers are coming on strong! 

by noon this is what I am looking at:

it will be double by 8 pm tonight.  

All that said; I am watching the mess in congress, raise the debt or not.  The grandstanding and worries about re-election are fore front in the minds of Washington.  How about what's best for the country and get on with it.  I started realizing a few years back I better start taking care of myself and planted a garden and put up a few things, I know it's now out of control.  The more congress spends the more I can so I guess we are both out of control!  The solar panels will eventually get on the roof and I might sink a well in the backyard so I can have water without depending on some politician deciding if they can fund the water treatment plant.  Medicine is the same way.  I can sit here on my ass for 7 days waiting to find out what this is or I can walk 4-5 miles a day, eat my fruits and veggies, stop eating anything with salt and take a handful of herbs that I know are anti-inflamatory.  Take some responsibility for yourself!  

Ran up to the store to get canning lids and standing in front of me is woman with 4 little kids and one in the oven, doesn't speak a word of English and is fighting with the check out guy that her WIC coupons are good for the stuff she is trying to buy.  NO, IT DOES NOT COVER COKE!  The check out guy looks at me and says he is going home to West Virginia.   
I think there might a few changes coming......... stay tuned campers! 


  1. Sandy! Get better quickly! If I remember correctly, aleve is an anti inflammatory. Take that during the day, and take whatever garbage they gave you at night. I had to do that when I hurt my back.

    Are you still doing an open house show at your place this weekend???? I've been dying to see your work.

  2. Hi Katie!

    sorry to say studio sale is off for now....... waiting to get the MRI done on Thursday. grrrrr........

    getting ready for a show at Gestures in Rocky River in Sept. now

    Have fun at Party in the Park! Looks like it's going to be a fun weekend!

  3. look after yourself! (says one who hadn't been doing that either!!)

  4. Pitp is busy busy busy!!! Well keep me posted on when you might do a home show!

  5. MOM it's time. I posted and so must you. The world needs to see the dilly carrots!!!!! And I need a little zeus in my life :)