Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One of those days......

January 18th and YIKES! There are a few pots thrown, sitting on the shelves and my list is longer then Santa's naughty list!

My partner in crime, muse and dog who is excellent at holding down the floor has been a bit under the weather. Yesterday, jumped out of bed ready to seize the day and my feet landed in a cold puddle. That's never happened and it's quite shocking as your brain kicks in what your standing in....... Yuck! Follow the barf trail to the landing and found my guy who hasn't looked this bad since he ate the neighbor kids diaper!

Zeus will be 13 this year and best dog ever! He is just under 100 pounds and still has that puppy gleam in his eyes.

Stumbled down, found the vets number and called. Changed him back to his old meds and hoped for the best. Dragged him across the floor on a bath towel to the top step in the back room. At least he would have a great view while I traveled 2 hours round trip to pick up his Rimadyl.

Back in a flash and found him on the floor in the same place, but he had tossed his cookies and couldn't get up. Get the pill into him and light a candle. He ate a couple slices of homemade bread to settle his stomach and seemed happy to eat.

The rest of the day I scrubbed floors, washed his bedding and cleaned the poor guy up. By the time I sat down to have my morning coffee it was 3 p.m.
Haven't had a day like this since the kids were toddlers.

Drank my coffee and looked at the pile of fur at my feet, the tail wagged. Hey, buddy how ya feeling? The tail wagged harder and he looked up. There was that gleam in his eye again and he was back.
Not sure what Rimadyl is but must be like crack for dogs and itworks!

Last night we walked to end of the driveway and back to house, he had rallied and I was thinking maybe I should start taking it.

Today, attempting studio time....... Again.


  1. Here's hoping you have more happy times with Zeus. It's hard to see the pups age.

  2. Ritalin must be dragon juice in pill form :)

    He is very perky today, stroll around the yard and now napping while the storm rolls in.