Thursday, January 5, 2012

The plaster queen is born.......

 Moved on to Abby's horizontal strip room........ yup, raspberry and blue horizontal stripes. 
So I was the mother who thought it would be fantastic to let my kids decorate their rooms; releasing their inner creative child, besides Abby was the one always writing on the walls in Sharpie markers.  Thought I could just channel the beast.  
Young innocent Mothers out there, listen up!  You cannot!  Paint your walls in chalkboard paint and buy chalk.  It is easier to replace drywall than sand and fix old plaster walls.  (they did not have washable markers back then)

The front bedroom went pretty fast so why not tackle the other bedroom. 

and so it begins.......... 


 There are so many corners and closets in this bedroom I am over it.  Spent two days just plastering holes, old wall damage and dents from Amazon fighting matches.  Does anyone ever talk about the parents being scarred and needing therapy?  I should have rubberized both rooms and locked them in, but then I did catch one them climbing out the second floor window one afternoon; she had taught herself to drop and roll pretty well.   Then when she was banned from the house for afternoon she and a friend wrestled a mattress to the backyard and thought it was such fun to slide down the garage roof, bouncing off the dry docked canoe and onto the mattress.  I heard the laughing in the house and thought they were having such a good time......  

The Amazon's

Day One.

Plastered, and scrubbed the walls with Trisodium Phosphate.  Sanded down the paint ridges left behind from horizontal lines.  Move furniture and "stuff" into new front bedroom.  


Day two......

While I plastered and sanded and plastered again Abby used half a gallon of primer in two closets.  
I also watched in amazement as she tried to paint and drink coffee simultaneously.  Notice the plastic drop clothes removed.  When asked why?  She responded; It makes to much noise when I walk on it.  Here's a bucket of water to clean up the coffee.  Amid all the mess and wondering if I would ever see my studio again the one thing she asked about....... Mom can we get silver door knobs?  Door knobs?  But Abby how do you feel about this hole in the wall?  or shoe marks on the ceiling?  or your name in pink frosty nail polish in the closet?   Hey and what a bout that burned carpet in the shape of my iron when you used to iron your hair?  Door knobs?  Really?

During the day the UPS guy left a huge package on the front steps.  Badly needing a break from plastering and silver door knobs I joyfully dragged in my new cabinet I had ordered online a week ago.  I had no idea it would come in a box with a billion screws and directions in Chinese.  
Still, it was a break.......


Where are my missing screws Hoover????

Ta Daaaa!!!!  

Day 3 and 4 back to the bedroom....
The plastering projects and the primering went on and on.
Woodwork had taken three coats and walls too.  I was beginning to feel like I was in the movie; Groundhog Day.  Wake up and go right back to working in the same corner.

Day 5, Commence painting!

Day 6;  hang the curtain and finish up.

This picture sums up the entire project.  I pulled out the last curtain to hang and I had bought a 95" long panel........ back to the Depot!  

Day 7

Six days later I sat in the chair and looked around room.  Again high renovation satisfaction!  I have a few pictures to hang but it be will hard to pound a nail into these walls.  

By 11 a.m. the princess had backed out of the driveway headed back to Kent State and I started filling the dumpster and packing up the paint brushes.  What a vacation! 

 Oh and now the new wall paint makes the carpet look dingy but it's just not in the budget.  
and it's time to get to the studio.  The entire time my hand was in the a plaster or paint can I thought about new pots I was anxious to make.  It's time...... vacation over, it was amazing :) 


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