Friday, January 6, 2012

Phew, back to work!

Yesterday after dragging the last batch of tools out of the upstairs and loading the truck for the recycling center thought I better check my email.  Seldom does my email make ill.  

First email, in the heat of home reno I managed to miss the Spring Craft Boston Deadline.  Call the office and beg forgiveness while giving them my credit card number.  Emergency averted!  

Second email, the ad above!!!!  My jaw was on the desk and happy dance all over the back room!
But wait my inventory is pretty wiped out from Holiday Craft Boston, YIKES! 

The final day of painting madness had me day dreaming about pots and I was so ready to head back to the studio.  This was sure the kick in the pants needed.  7 weeks and I will be in Palm Beach, pedal to the medal set to warp speed.    

This morning, the sun is out, I am on my way to the studio and happily back to making pots :) 

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  1. atta girl....put down the paintbrush and pick up your sponge! well done.