Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hammer time...... break it down.........

Firing tests and waiting and waiting and waiting........  I usually clean the studio and get ready for round two of testing and glazing but this time I wandered the blog o sphere.  Over at June Perry's blog (Shambhala Pottery) I drool over her dinner's and the dishes she serves on!  Tracey Broom (Tracey Broom Pottery) can make a bowl of humble bean soup look like it belongs on the cover Bon Apetite'  (their awesome sites are linked on the left) 

So I roasted a plank of salmon in the woodstove!  It was yummy and smokey and all the things you want a piece of salmon to taste like, charred ever so nicely.  Now if I could only take pictures!  
Last night I ate dinner alone as MMp was working into the wee hours pouring concrete at the airport.  What mouthwatering dish did I cook up?  Popcorn, sardines, a banana while I watched The Smurfs.  Hot times in Paine Falls!  

Well the kiln is unloaded and here are a few of the tests on the new clay body...... 
gonna be a learning curve........ again.

and this beauty just makes my eyes water........ it's already hammered with chards labeled and tucked away never to be done or seen again!  

and the girls got their coop cleaned....... 
nothing better than fresh straw on a rainy cold day! 

All in all I have one glaze that I'm going to work with.  Tomorrow adjustments will be made, new test batches will be mixed and I will fire again....... mercury is retrograde so I will offer extra wine and flowers to the kiln gods........  


  1. Sandy I am so glad I found your blog, so I have a place to get a smile every day! Gerry shoots a lot of basketball and hockey this time of year so I have a lot of similar dinners alone. I'm just waiting for the next ballgame next week, I heard Martha Stewart on NPR talking about cooking spam in a little butter and putting it on toasted bread with Dijon mustard, I can't wait to try it!! I love me some spam, haha! Shhh, don't tell my vegetarian family members though :)

  2. love that first little round pot....tasty!!

  3. Tracey! Oh I think someone should put hidden cameras in Martha's kitchen. The woman lives alone with a bunch of dogs, cats and a flock of parrots. I bet even Martha stands over her kitchen sink eating cold beans out of a can :) Spam.... I think I have a can holding up a table leg in the studio...... Emergency food! Rachael called last week and said she has to start cooking for self because she just a sleeve of goose liver....... No bread just goose liver.

  4. Thanks gz! That glaze has possibilities for sure. It's a good Cornwall stone glaze. Happy pedaling!