Thursday, February 21, 2013

The slog is on.........

February and I really need to see the sun!  Snow, high winds and cold, even the chickens are pissed although due to longer days, egg production is back up!  There are mountains of pots to glaze and not much desire to stick my hand in a cold glaze bucket at the moment.  Another diversion for going to the studio........ design a small wood fired kiln that can double as a pizza oven.

There are only so many seed catalogs one can look through while donning a flannel night shirt and ear muffs in the dark hours of the morning.  And do the fashion police frown on snow mobile boots while wearing this ensemble?  Keeping company with a glowing smoke belching wood stove is great winter company!  I have redesigned the yard for the uncounted time and if I stick with my blue prints this place will look like the gardens at Versailles next summer!  In an effort to see anything green I started sprouting seeds in the kitchen.   Delicious and green......... 

Yesterday morning I found myself on the floor surrounded by glaze books and binders of notes and then....... I flipped out.  Weather permitting I have been logging a good 3-5 miles a day.  I walk fast (well fast for me), in springy lightweight webby shoes meant to be worn by a lithe willowy person on a sunny 70 degree day.  With a pedometer stuffed in my back pocket while muttering, sputtering and sweating I slog the laps.  Sorts out the cobwebs, moves the joints a bit and I feel pretty good.  Walking a one mile loop in the cemetery (really good incentive!) 4-7 times and I am starting to feel a bit Hamster-ish!  

Launching myself off the floor (well hoisting is more like it) I grabbed my boots, tossed on 3 layers of outer and inner wear and headed to my favorite place.  It's was 1 degree when I left with light snow and high winds (22 mph with gusts to 40).  The place I chose to hike is secluded with terrain made for testing the best thigh and calf muscles.  It's also in a hollow;  to get out of the wind...... that did not work as planned.  Pulled into the park and nobody had been there!  YES!  First tracks to be made in fresh snow WHOA!  Thought it would be a quick walk but alas turned into a 4 hour hike.  I came out popcicled but refreshed and ready to glaze!  

It occurred to me an hour into this hike I did not have my phone but instead had lugged in a big camera and several lens.  Thought about that cell phone just about the time I stepped onto, what I thought was solid ground. While walking the ridge line above the river I found myself dangling and snow bound.  Solid ground turned out to be exposed tree roots that had collected last falls leaves and was now a white mound of fluff.  One leg down, one leg on terra firma......... OK get yourself out of this one.  I thanked my potters arms and back muscles and got myself on two feet again.  Camera equipment intact and me too!   And stepped away from the ledge.  

Below is a too long video of the stuff that made me stay out in freezing weather for 4 hours.  (Oh and I am so very thankful for my fat reserves!)  Everything I put in the slideshow is what I am trying to achieve in glazing.  I do believe it's time to start playing with lichen glazes, layers, texture and movement...... again.  It is what we call here;  The Dead of Winter.  Nothing was moving, singing or chirruping, well except me (grunting like an elk being chased by a pack of wolves)  

For now hunkered down and headed back to the studio recharged :)  Happy Trails bloggers! 


  1. You are a brave and strong girl! You may have that beautiful cold though, I grew up on the coast of South Carolina and when the temperature drops below 70 degrees, I am sooo cold! Pitiful isn't it?!
    I sat here with a warm cup of tea and watched your beautiful videos, thanks for sharing. The wind is crazy blowing outside so it added a nice ambience to the viewing haha!
    I had started running in the fall, but I don't do cold running, so I am doing yoga inside twice a day, and I can't believe how my flexibility has increased. Looking forward to warmer days for running though. Good luck with yours! Stay with it, the rewards are great :)

  2. Tracey! Ha! Not sure about brave but cabin fever does make me a bit squirrelly! Gotta say dropping down a hole exhilarates one with life!
    We lived in Louisianna for three years and I thought I was gonna die! (too quote Rosanna Rosanna Danna)