Monday, April 15, 2013

Packing for Boston......

The trailer is packed and as sit on the floor surround by packing paper, pots and all the stuff one needs to attend  Craft Boston at the World Trade Center; CNN plays in the background reporting the carnage of the Boston Marathon.  The SAC offices are one block away and still I carry on packing.....

I am going ...... I need to go.... It is time to support The SAC as they have supported us over the years.   My thoughts, prayers and light are going to Boston night...... Going to be a very long night for so many.  I need to see friends and pretty things for a few days during a time when the world has become a bit unhinged and gone off the rails.......again.


  1. If you have time take a walk in the Boston Common. You probably know that it's beautiful at this time of year.

    The world is scary again but we can't let the SOB's get us down.

    Toes crossed that you have good times with friends and a supremely successful show.

  2. Smartcat, thank you and I will! Hoping Spring has found it way to Boston :)
    Taking back our sanity.......

    See you on Providence 2015! So very exciting!

  3. Gosh, it wasn't too long ago I read about you packing and heading towards another aftermath, what a world we live in! I hope it's a joyful show, be safe!

  4. Oh gosh!!!! That was Rochester when the hurricane hit! Totally forgot about that! I do know I am growing road weary and glad this is my last show until next December. Ready to plant my feet in the garden and get back to the solitude of the studio :)
    Thanks Tracey!!