Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Gallery is Open!

The truck and trailer are unloaded, packing material and boxes stacked high in the attic.  Inventory put back in the room I started working on just before Christmas.  The last cabinet was assembled yesterday and fit for mugs, bowls and woven pieces.  Framed pieces finally on the wall.  Windows washed and pedestals wiped down.

My work table  is filled with weaving projects and I am happy to get back to it!

A good place to have my coffee this morning! 
High home satisfaction :) 

And we celebrated 31 years yesterday....... how did that happen?!
Dinner and flowers!  

and the product of 31 years........

been a ride :)  


  1. That is a beautiful display of pots you got there, I say open up shop, quit traveling!
    Happy anniversary, beautiful by products of that as well!

  2. Hey there Tracey! Madmen to gett'n off the road! Been roll'n around your post today....... Too much to write!

  3. Sandy,

    Your gallery looks beautiful and so inviting! And of course, your creations are amazing!