Monday, April 1, 2013

Pots and more ......

Have been trying to get a blog up for a week now and it is just not in the cards!  
Easter has come and gone, the wreath still hangs on the house (as predicted) and the big kitchen clock is still on winter time, unable or unwilling to lug the ladder in and change it.  I might just leave it that way and call it Miller Time.  

No pictures of fab Easter Dinner, this year we opted for the traditional Easter foccia bread and beer.  It was fab!  The big ass ham from the grass fed, sustainable, happy pig who had 5 bad minutes in his entire life, will be pulled out of the freezer on Friday as Miller girls are headed home for feasting and rugby.  Yes, for some the buzzards return to Hinkley, geese return to familiar lakes, ponds or traffic islands in the middle of the freeway to nest but for the Miller girls, well it's Prom on the Pitch at Kent State.  Rugby women from the four corners of the U. S. will fly, drive or crawl to the field of KSU.  These durable women will run around the field in cleats, scrum caps and old prom dresses, the bigger the butt bow the better, whilst tackling each other and praying for beer.  Hoping Kylie Wylie shows up in her pearls this year!  The festivities will be endless and I hope to post pictures of these robust women in their finest form!   These are the little girls we took to ballet and told them NO when they cried for Lee Press On Nails.  The little girls who had to have earrings to match their nail polish and ruby slippers.  Brings a tear to my eye......... not! 
These are woman who are not going to Martha Stewart but instead going to 

 A tampon blow gun!  Martha Stewart are you listening?

Really hope they bring these as we are camping in the primitive areas on our way to the St Croix Potter's Tour in May this year!   

Meanwhile back at the ranch......... 
the wheel has been at warp speed.  

All these are now in the bisque kiln, temps dropping as I pound away on this keyboard.

AND....... support your local library!  Our book sale starts April 4th.  
I LOVE the library!  I still live in this house because I can walk to the library! 

Two mugs, a handmade basket and box of herb tea from your local potter.  
Now go take out or even better, buy a used book at the book sale and support the library! 


  1. Now i realize that my son was ahead of his time when he use to come out of the bathroom with every finger covered in the cardboard covers (?) from the tampax saying, I am going to build something with these!~ he was 4 and I was not ready to see something that had just been so close to me used in this way....
    Lovely pots.
    Spring is with us today in the form of about 64 degrees.
    Also- those girls sound like fun!

  2. LOL! cwg! Can't wait for the chicklets to hit the door! We sure do have a good time when everybody makes it to the dinner table.

    Send some of those 60's and sun up this way!

    Since the oldest ran off to Peace Corp I found out there were so many things not covered in the parental handbook. Like parasites and how bad are they? What are women using out in the bush? Should you really be buying black market cement on a street corner in Benin at 2 am? And then my husband would leave the room....

    Love those pots you posted on Friday! Happy Throwing!

  3. Oohh foccia and beer sounds like a great meal for Easter! Have fun at the St. Croix Potter' Tour. that looks like a lot of fun. Love your kiln shots. I feel like I am peaking over your shoulder and oooo-ing and ahhh-ing! I'm not doing much at warp speed right now, but I love that your wheel is!

  4. Hi Emily! Thanks for stopping by! You will be back in the garden soon, stay centered :)