Friday, November 6, 2015

Another kick butt week here in the Falls

     Oh what to write about..... I am sitting in the gallery on a lovely Friday with no foot traffic to speak of so I started jotting down notes.  Thought this would be the shortest post to date but whoa, stuff happens!

     Here's the recap ..... And I wonder where October went!  

Let's just talk about October and the best holiday on the calendar, Halloween!  We, two old people, live in the old caretakers house across from an old cemetery, catch the drift here?  What is better on Halloween?!  Some years we get loads of kids and this year we didn't.  But we had candy for loads of kids!  It's in a big bowl by the front door, when Halloween is over we leave our lights on an extra hour hoping there might be a few lagging beggars, nope!  The light gets turned out, do we move the bowl? Nope.  What do I  have to walk past every time I get the mail or go to bed or get coffee in the morning?   Yup, the bowl....... Which after a week, is empty and the two old people who live in the old house across from the old cemetery can't bend over without grunting, all in seven days. It's like we were bulking up for Armageddon or just winter.  Isn't there a rule somewhere, if a candy bar doesn't have Carmel it doesn't count..... So that left Kit Kats and Reese Cups (peanut butter flavored crisco,dunked in chocolate) who can resist those?  And what about all those tiny wrappers?  I think I tucked ten in my sock so I couldn't count.

And if things couldn't get any scarier we had an election a few days later!  I vote, I always vote, you can't bitch if you don't vote and I rock the bitch end.  Our little local election all in all went well, sort of, no big surprises and the school levy passed.  We have voted in the same place for 30 years.  There were always the old retired librarians.  The ladies that normally sitat the table with their thermos of coffee and tin lined with waxed paper and homemade cookies wasn't there this time.  Different worker bees, turnover I guess.  A lovely woman escorted me to the ballot box and talked the entire time.  Arriving at the ballot box she announced: well I'm not gonna tell ya who to vote for but just do your Christian thing!  Whaaaaat?!  I voted and ran away.  Nothing is sacred anymore, not the voting booth and not politics as I just heard a certain Republican candidate preach about the pyramids being built so Joseph could store grain for his people not bury a bunch of dead Pharaoh's.  It's science people!  What happened to science?  And you can't possibly run a country on fairy tales!  I am so tired of shaking my wand at people it ridiculous!

And speaking of ridiculous...... I was asked to send a carved teapot and tea bowl to a lovely show.  Great exposure, yadda yadda yadda.  Price for both; $205 total.  Last week I received a check in the mail for $95.  Commission over 50% and I paid the shipping..... Awesome, my ego thanks you, my other self needs to pay the electric bill.

School, great tests from the kiln last week! 

So much information!  Glaze post this weekend for anyone interested!

Working into the wee hours this past week too.

I hit the bed around midnight and dead sleep until at 2:30, some creature was scurrying around and woke me up.  It's fall, everybody wants a bed and a candy bar.  I have been up for two nights trying to figure out what it is and exactly where it is.  This morning I lay in the darkness with a flashlight clutched to my chest and I heard it!  Zapp, flashlight on and nothing is there.  I am loosing my marbles because I am stealth! Turn off the light and lay in wait.... Thank god it was a flashlight and not a bazooka, the house would be leveled.  This went on for two hours while Butch sawed logs, big logs.  What animal would even venture into this house with noise like that?  I have set traps and still nothing.  I think it's between the floor and the ceiling, I think it's an elephant. 
And I can't help thinking in the darkness, I bet he is chewing on all that wiring we just put in, mmmmmm tasty new plastic.  I am on high alert for smoke, scurrying, voltage zaps and I am sleep deprived..... Stay tuned.....

In other news..... I'm back to making yogurt and trying my hand at lacto fermented sauerkraut.  Yup, riveting stuff here!


  1. YAY! A good blog read first thing in the morning! Used to be the morning paper, now its Sandys blog, haha!
    My mother in law was one of those little ladies running the voting booths. She was there without fail every year until her back became too painful for the work. And now she doesn't know her own name. She loved that job and took it very seriously.
    Good luck with your hunt :)

  2. You probably have a mouse circus going on; I know I do.
    got up to take Winter out early this morning and nearly stepped on a mouse carcass. This why I ALWAYS wear slippers. Particularly after the potato incident, but that is another story .
    How creepy to be escorted to ballot box with a suggestion of how to say nothing of it being highly illegal! Strange people come in strange packages!

  3. 50% + commission, ouch. Love those rectangular trays, btw.

  4. Hey Tracey! Yes politics, animals, husbands…….. same stuff you see in the morning paper; except Gerry's photographs :)

    I sure missed the old librarians this election! Still no luck on the critter, however the neighbors cat, Rufus was very excited on the porch this morning! Fingers crossed!!

  5. Hi Suzi! More like Cirque du Soleil with fur! Slippers…… genius and I have been eyeing those fur lined crocs. Looking forward to the potato incident :)

    and strange people seem to be working at the polls these days……. so offensive! Should have high fixed her and said my broom was double parked!

  6. Hi Michèle, this was a first 50%+ commission for me and probably my last. I can't even think of what would entice me to do that again.

    Thanks on the trays! I have a hard time thinking flat but these have been fun, now we will see if they are going to sell! :)

  7. Ummmm Suzi, that would be high fived but spell check thought better 😄

  8. Thank you for making me laugh! You are a marvellous observer of life, and I love your pottery too!

    Does your elephant drag things around up there? We had one a few months back that seemed to be dragging bodies across the ceiling, sounded like something out of a horror movie.... and usually at 2am! My wife, who is braver than me at most things (apart from spiders), tried bashing at the ceiling with a broom, but the elephant seemed not to know fear, or it was deaf, or immune to vibrations, so rarely stopped whatever horrible thing it was doing up there!
    Our elephant is giving us a break now, probably something to do with the warmer weather now that we have winter out of the way in our part of the world!

    Gallery commission rates...... uggggggggggh they are often so unfair, completely immoral in fact..., don't get me started!

  9. Good Morning Peter! So wonderful to hear from you! Must pop over and see what you are up too!

    The elephants have mysteriously disappeared I am happy to say! They partied hard for a week and departed. Sunday was my first sound sleep since the temperatures started dipping around here! Yahoo!