Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Another week in my fabulous life…...

It's that time of the year when I jump in the shower and wonder which one of us left the Starbucks coffee cup in the corner next to the soap.  It is paper but then it has a plastic lid to keep the suds out so you can drink and shower.  Hmmm…. I hope it was Butch but it could have been me but then I can't remember and really it is genius! 

Work is picking up as students finish projects and the semester ticks by.  Things heard in class this week.  This is the part of my job I love because I am not an instructor I am the lowly lab tech who scurries around loading kilns, grinding kiln shelves and mixing glazes. If you have a breathing mask on you become invisible!  It's like having super powers!  

 Last week I could be found on my hands and knees scrubbing display cases and got super excited when I found a 1975 nickel!  Who said this job didn't pay?  While on my hands and knees a young girl sat in the hall lamenting to her instructor how she just couldn't work today because her job sucked at Big Lots.  She spent yesterday on her hands and knees inventorying stock, wiping down shelves and moving bottles of juice and …… she was crying!  Her instructor says:  Oh honey I am so sorry, wow thats really awful.  I'll see you on Monday.  WTF? I am right there!  On my hands and knees moving glass display cases that weigh as much as a VW bus and ceramic sculpture giant things students made 10 years ago and sweating like the beast I am!  Hey "Honey" I am having a party here and I am 60!  She walked past my mess of dirty buckets of water and clay crap everywhere and looked down at me……. nothing, not even a hello. Oh wait, that's right I am invisible!  Hope she didn't hear my invisible mouth say, screw you. Ok,  I said the "F" word and I said it with gusto! 

Best comment last week…… another young girl say something I say all the time, and I quote:
"I can't possibly throw in leather pants!"  If I were the instructor I would of said; leather pants are great and we can hose you down at the end of class.  Nope, she left and came back two days later in Pleather (plastic leather that you really can hose down)  

Once again I had my mask on mixing glazes when I over heard a student in the throwing room exclaim she was in fact a super virgin!  Well this got me giggling into my mask and I almost hyperventilated.  
What the hell is super virgin and do you get to wear a cape?  Saving peoples virginity before lunch!  
Whoosh, off to the parking lot to check vans and the steamy windows of Smart Cars because I see quite a few of those in the parking lot and can you imagine loosing your virginity in a Smart car?  Give me a Buick I say or even better a Chysler Newport!  

After work I have managed to work in my studio until 10:30 or 11:00 pm and stuff is getting done but I have become a bit of a troll and have the hygiene to prove it! 

In deed the two people who are supposed to be blissfully married and living together in reality, just grunt at each other as we move through the darkness of the house at odd hours of the night coming or going, which explains the Starbucks coffee cup in the shower.

We made a pact that we would joyfully get up on Sunday mornings and start hiking.  This could kill me,  I have only fallen down one embankment and my prince charming came to my rescue!  Well actually he said:  What are you doing down there?  and that concluded our second hike.  

Thought you might enjoy last Sundays hike.  

and I am getting stuff done…… really.

Ok I am really late for work and I still have to vote!  Go vote it's your civic duty….. don't be invisible! 


  1. Thanks for the laugh! I always found it interesting to listen to the BFA student's conversations when I was taking classes at the NH Institute of Art. I often wondered how any of these kids were going to graduate.

  2. ...so glad you are back, Sandy.
    Veronica in Rochester, NY.

  3. Michèle! The gene pool is frightening! Now go put on those leather pants before you dig that drainage hole! 😂

  4. Hi Veronica! Great to hear from you! Hope all is well in NY!

  5. Good news is there will not be more competition for the real hard working potters out there!
    Seriously, were we all like this in our twenties? The young ones I work with are absolutely clueless,they won't make it to 60!
    You could start a "what I heard in class today" blog :)

  6. Tracey! Don't you know it! we have a huge construction company here in town when I was hunting around for work the interviewer noticed I had farming experience. He got pretty excited, I questioned if he saw my age he said yes. Color me mystified..... Then he said every single person they had hired, especially woman had a great work ethic and had worked out, age didn't matter. Passed on the construction job as it was 40 hours a week plus overtime. They are paving the main 4 lane highway on my to school and happy to say there are mostly woman running those steamrollers and road graders. And they were not youngsters....... Farm more, please!

  7. Read this at 4 AM so had to hold in the snorts ... LMAO ... in silence :))) I was at uni in 2007 & 2008. I would often give my ceramics prof a hard time for being so damned accommodating. The Mom in me was often ready to give some of them a smack upside the head but on the other hand I had so much fun hanging out with most of the kids. Made me feel young again. I am pretty sure you are also providing some learning along the way. I highly doubt you are invisible :))

  8. PS ... I see a there is a doggy pic .... are you still borrowing pooches or do you have one of your again?

  9. Love this! I found students fell into two distinct groups, those who thought that showing up for class occasionally fullfilled requirements and the others who turned into total obsessives, and gave up any thought of a regular life.
    Many, many years ago when we were building our house, we found that giving us one day a week for pure relaxation made us far more energetic for the coming week.
    Pretty walk, but don't fall down any banks!

  10. Thanks for the giggles this morning! Your blog is a fun way to start my day!

  11. Hey Brenda! Oh man I hate holding snorts in before daylight hits! I do love my job and I should have called the reeducation of Mrs Miller! I like the energy for sure but the stuff that comes out of the mouths of children! Yikes! And then there is that clean up issue. I agree with a thump upside the head though 😂 It could solve so many problems...... As my Dad used say! See it's official, I'm old!

    Oh that's Luke! He is a beach dog and a pal........ He's a great dog but unfortunately not ours. I have started walking the neighbors Pomerian.... Oh you know there's a blog coming on me walking a Pomerian!

  12. Hi Suzi! we have one student who is mildly obsessed but everything is so thought out and each decision labored over its painful to watch sometimes. Just found out she is taking the class with her daughter next semester....... Can't wait!

    I was finding I was tired all the time and I started to realize I was doing clay 24/7. Not good! Now if I could sneak a bit of fishing I'd be downright giddy! 😄

  13. Hey Cynthia! Thanks!! Always good to begin the day laughing!!

  14. Sandy you will always be my hero! Love the blog!

  15. Ha! Anita, you are raising three boys! You are my hero! Have a great Thanksgiving!