Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sunday I played hooky …….

After sitting in the gallery blogging, not much walk in traffic on a Friday.  I closed up the gallery at 5:00 pm and like all urban lemmings headed out to Happy Hour at Don's Light House, just down the street from the gallery.  We started this Happy Hour ritual about six months ago (the girls are coming home for Thanksgiving, we are getting is shape) and if I never make a sale in the gallery and it closes I will be attending the Friday ritual of Happy Hour!  I have drunk drinks I would have never imagined drinking, why because it's Happy Hour and they are dirt cheap!  Favorite place is LUX for pizza and drinks, under $20 for two people. I would never put lavender in vodka but they did and I drank it and it was good!   At Don's Light House I had my first martini and a bowl of mussels and really great sour dough bread for dipping.  In the land of booze we are not very hipster drinkers so when the server asked Butch if he wanted his plain vodka martini on the rocks he said Yes.  I opted for no rocks, and the pomegranates. I figure I have enough rocks already, I really don't need anymore and I wanted something healthy like pomegranate.  Our drinks were served immediately; mine in a traditional fancy schmancy martini glass and his in a short stout glass with ice….. and immediately the whining started.  Hey why did you get yours in a fancy glass and I got mine in this one? How come yours is pink and mine is clear?  Because you ordered plain and rocks!  It's the same drink with ice. But yours is pink.. Fine, do you want to trade so you can have the fancy schmancy glass and get healthy?  No, I'm fine…….. then the two huge plates of mussels appeared with a plate of sourdough bread and we forgot about the drinks…..  
We ate, we drank and all for $20 plus tip.  

We stopped in the Waterloo Arts district for the art walk.  I feel in love with praxisfiberworkshop  and then walked down to the Brick Ceramic + Design Studio  Love Love Love this place and wish them so much good. Cleveland really needs a place like this! 

Ran home to put the chickens up for the night before the night stalkers were out and about.  Landed in the driveway around 7:15 pm all was safe!  They are all molting and there are feathers everywhere, I never know if one has been a snack for the rowdy raccoons or just dropping feathers.  This time it was feather dropping,  they look awful and told them they should be ashamed.  Yes, I have sunk to chicken shaming. 

Ran back in the house and dashed upstairs to grab a sweatshirt, made the mistake of laying down on the bed for two seconds.  I never got back up, 11.5 hours later I woke up in my clothes at 6:00 am!  Next to me sawing logs, in his night clothes, Butch fast asleep! It could have been Big Foot I would have never know or cared.  Never heard him, never heard the elephants in the attic either.  After a week of sleeping with a flashlight, one martini, and late nights of pottery making I crashed! Crashed and burned! Found my work clothes in the dark, swore off martinis, made coffee, let sleeping giant lay and I felt pretty good.  Out in the studio by 7 am.  Loads done in the studio, worked until 11 pm that night, a few breaks along the day.  

 The elephants final got bisqued, now if I could just get them out of the attic! 

Sunday morning I never made it back to the studio and instead spent 4 hours hiking the local park and doing food prep for the week to come. 


We are sooooo camping out here as soon as we can get away! 

Fall in Ohio is just beautiful! 

Who knew deer loved to play volleyball when nobody is looking! 

First batch of sauerkraut is bubbling on the counter!  I cannot believe I made this as I have nightmares of the stuff in my folks basement.  Crocks of bubbling stinking stuff, it was at my Grandma's too.  
I'm not even sure I will like this but after reading the virtues of lacto-fermentation and apparently my gut needing this wild bacteria or yeast or stuff just floating around and landing on random cabbage I thought I would try it. My gut also needs a pair of suspenders.  I used the leftover whey from the yogurt which I usually feed the chickens.  One more day and I can taste it…Ooooo I can hardly wait. 
And everybody has bad sauerkraut story……. just ask them! 

We also picked up a Sunday paper and took the time to read it!  I can tell the holidays are coming, has anyone else noticed that you can buy a pallet of toilet paper for $6.00?  What a great way to tell me the relatives are coming…..


  1. I had some sort of vodka drink with lavender while visiting my girl in CT. It was fabulous! She and her guy are very trendy drinkers. We always get to try something new when we are there.
    I am not surprised you crashed after your martini, you've been putting in long hours.

  2. Hi Michèle! and you're not putting in some long hours :) I am finding a Friday libation very appropriate these days! The rest of week I'm on coffee and lemon water woo too!!

  3. Your elephant pitchers are absolutely fabulous!

  4. Love seeing the blog, again, you old chicken shamer, you! LOL!

  5. Cynthia! Thank you! Haven't made them in ions..... Nice to revisit the herd 😊

  6. Wendy! And enjoying reading a catch up at Herbnarts! ☺️