Thursday, August 2, 2018

Rounding the bend and.......

Sheesh what a month!  This blog post will be picture palooza because I'm kind of out of words.  

Banner year for cucumbers! 

and that equals pickles@!

 25 pounds of cherries were deposited in the freezer.

 and then the beans started..... this is a great yard for beans, they seem to love it here.

17 jars of dilly beans in the fruit cellar.

and basil.... 21 jars in the freezer and I am so done with making pesto 
but honestly you could eat it off your hand! 

or a tomato still warm from the summer sun.

banner year for blueberries too!  30 pounds frozen in the vault.
oh and lots of dill drying too! 

The butternut squash is creeping to outer limits. 

Jalapeno peppers are chugging along in the heat.  The sweet peppers, not so much.

Cutest baby watermelon ever :)

Third crop of lettuce, planted in full shade due to summer heat.

and still making pots....... 

Japanese Eggplant that is great on the grill! 

and as I don't eat much pie anymore I still like to bake, so happy to help out 
a local fundraiser to help immigrant families stay together. 

French Silk

Citrus Meringue 

I have not baked in a while and noticed this warning on the flour bag. 
WTH.... I watch Valerie Bertinelli taste cookie dough on the food channel and she still looks pretty good..... just say'n. 

New shoes from Campsaver!  great deals 60% off and free shipping! 
Take my money!

Cleveland Museum of Art exhibition that was crazy! 
More on my art ship sailing later..... 

and bloggers rock!  This package showed up on my door step and as I didn't remember ordering anything I ripped it open and found the best thing ever!!  And this is so awesome and Fresca I can't thank you enough!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!  and check out her blog l'astronave 

Yup, been another month here at Paine Falls but on my walk this morning I notice 8 deer with a new crop of wee ones banding together, a late crop of goslings still with a bit of fuzz on their heads, wasps are in that August agitated pissed off frame of mind, leaves and acorns are dropping due to the stress of summer heat and drought, the little chipping sparrows, ever so feisty are in groups(mass feistiness), the weeding has slowed down, the new Spring green has turn to not so excited to see ya green.  While frantically picking beans in the early morning dew I notice the bees around me also frantic, bouncing from flower head to flower head...... we all know we are rounding the bend and heading into something else.  Things seem late this year.  The garden is late, the goslings are late, the fawns still have their spots and judging by last years records the tomatoes are really behind.   The days are definitely growing shorter.  I still need to get seeds in the ground pronto for a Fall crop or two and tomato canning season is almost here, along with the peaches and apples.  I have blown the dust off my camera and taken over 500 images of new pots, mixed up several batches of terra stigillatta (another rabbit hole but working!) Fall shows start up again too. 

Well someone knows whats around the bend......... it's not me! 


  1. Butternut, great ginko plates, and Rackham. You win.

    1. Hi John! Let's just keep moving and we both win LOL!

  2. you're putting my efforts to shame!!

  3. You are Lady Bounteous!!! I love seeing your harvest and reading your words.

    You are very welcome for the book---it makes me happy it found a good home!

    1. August is the time I wake up each morning, stumble to backyard with the dog at O-dark thirty and not in a good way say; Look what you did! LOL! Yes, thank you thank you thank you!! Still going through it at night with a cup of proper tea :)

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    1. Not sure, snagged off the "exhausted" google search ...... I am one with the baby napping tree rat ☺️