Thursday, June 11, 2009

almost a year.......

Was nice to head down to the farmers market today,
a break from my garden to see what others are growing.
Due to rain and cool temps the market was slow but that
was okey dokey because it gave me time to catch up with
Maggie at Wood Road Salad Farm! Best lettuce at the market!
(flowers too!)

I started this home grown escapade last July 1.

There were no raised beds from 2.5 tons of stone handpicked
at our local quarry, no veggie plants, no compost bin,no pond or waterfall.
Everything was transplanted or given a new home at a neighbors house,
truck loads of garden soil and mulch brought in, trees out, shrubs pruned,
berry bushes in.

We are already eating out of the new vegetable gardens & have put up
spinach and chard in the freezer. We are also enjoying
the flowers in the new perennial beds and fresh herbs in the kitchen.

I would do it all again in minute! We have had many more birds and
garden visitors, neighbors stopping in to see what is going on here,
and high garden satisfaction at the end of the day.

Still dreaming of getting off the grid and living a bit easier on the Earth.
It is extremely satisfying to know we are a few steps closer to sustainability.