Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another week......... Wow!

What a week! Can't believe June is more than half gone. We have needed a good rain terribly and finally got it!
Dragging the hose around was getting a bit tiring but raised beds seem to need more water. I have already
deduced the potatoes are not going in raised beds next year and will be back in the ground. They are huge!
Especially after the rain. It was a good thunder storm and this morning the wheel barrow was full of water!
The pond was filled too! The rain will end the poppies and the peonies and most of the roses are looking
very bedraggled to time for deadheading. Looks as if someone sprinkled dirty Kleenex around the garden.

After gardening all last summer, the kitchen was neglected! Thought I would work on it last winter, who
knew winter would rear it's frosty head on Nov. 11 and stay until March! Never had a chance to dig out
the saws and compressors as it was just too cold and snowy to run power tools with mittens on!

I am back at it! This week I finished the moulding around all the windows and doors. Finally secured
the dishwasher in place! No more dishes tumbling out on the door! Finished the window shelves and
ordered the glass. Ordered the last piece of granite counter tops and back splash....... two weeks!
Started on the shelves in the dining area. Taking a bit longer than I thought.......... Ha! doesn't everything
these days!