Saturday, June 13, 2009

Garden Friday.....

The frantic energy is gone in the garden.
I was thinking gosh now it's time to sit back for
a minute or two and sit in that lawn chair and have
cool beverage!

But then I strolled to the back gardens and bent over to
pull a weed. That's how it starts, that is how it always
starts. Pull a weed at 9 am and the next thing I know
it's dinner time!

June 12th and I still have a box of leftover seeds.
With our cool nights, little rain and sometimes cool days
the plants are just sitting there most days. Not growing too fast.

Just about the time I was ready for that cool drink I realized was time to:

1. Pull out the radishes now going to seed.
2. Trellis the thrice eaten pea patch.
3. Stake the tomatoes.
4. Weed out the violets ....... again
5. Plant a second crop of beans around the blackberries & aspargus
6. Plant Rodondo zuchini
7. Sucker the tomatoes and strawberry plants.
8. Plant more beans where the radishes used to be.
9. Mow
10. Cultivate the soil around the veggie garden.
11. Curse the deer for eating the sun chokes
12. Curse the deer for eating all the blueberries.
13. Curse the rabbits for eating the sunflowers.
14. Curse the rabbits for eating the fennel.
15. Curse the groundhog for eating the echinacea.

and after muttering and cursing at little furry animals had time to frame in
a kitchen window.

Just got word the new floors have arrived so off to Cleveland on Sat. to pick them up!

this old house has turned me into this old spouse!
happy weekend!!