Sunday, June 7, 2009

Trying to keep with up everyone ......

This seems like the best way to keep up with family, friends, fellow garden wenches and the likes.

Abby is off to Camp Fitch for the summer, Rachael is back in Alaska working as a tour guide, (click on her picture at the right, it will take you to her blog. Really roughing it in that little red plane on a mountain top in Alaska!)

Butch is sailing on the high seas of Lake Erie and I am gardening with the dog.

When the phone rings and no one answers this might explain why! Seems like there is always
something brewing up here on the hill, even with the road closed on both ends.

We are feasting out of the gardens, a new pond has been installed; (thanx Rachael!)
The mulch has been spread, the bulbs planted, new beds installed and summer is just about in full swing!

off to buy a couple gold fish for the pond........ The raccoons will love it!

Loads of bird activity this year!
Hope your feeder is hopping too!


  1. BEAUTIFUL Sandy!!!!!! What a great idea... This is and will continue to be a video garden magazine! You are sooooooooooooooo creative!!!!!

  2. I love the frog picture!
    Your garden looks and tastes better in person.

    kathy m.