Friday, January 8, 2010

The DaliMama is born.......

Two months, where did they go?
10 shows and several galleries later I have time to blog again!
The highs were really high and the lows were truly low, not even making expenses but then hey it's the economy stupid!
We had house guests, kids, kids and new boyfriends (we hope we didn't frighten him off!!) and loads of fun this holiday season!
There has not been down time since the last week of August and boy am I ready for down time!

We kept Christmas small this year and it was GREAT! We have vowed to do this every season from now on. Although the food budget seemed to get blown off the spreadsheet again! A WHOLE CHICKEN IS NOT A SNACK!

At the last minute I decided to take a gallery show offered by the Ashtabula Art Center and kicked the wheel to warp speed.
I have finally figured out, it's not making the pots that takes the time it's the weaving and glazing! Especially the weaving!
Four of the pots took over a week to start and finish, just weaving. When the pots were dropped off yesterday at noon
I felt myself spiraling down the worm hole of exhaustion. Luckily there was a snow storm and thought I am not going anywhere!

Then........ Rachael's flight was cancelled and I ended up running to Cleveland Hopkins Airport in the middle of a blizzard. Pry the fingers off the steering wheel, guzzle the Starbucks, hugs and back into the mess to get home.
Seems as though every show I attended this year I battled weather. Ithaca, NY......first snow storm. Louisville, KY ice, back to Louisville to breakdown; ice, snow, wind and just wacky winter weather! Ashtabula, blizzard....... God I love Northeast Ohio!
The highlights of my show season were Louisville, KY and Ithaca, NY, oh to be in the company of potters who love to make pots and look at pots and revel in each others company. I met amazing new potters who have beautiful work! Adero Willard is up in Maine rocking. My mug collection is growing in leaps and bounds. I vowed I couldn't afford to go NCECA this year but after Ithaca and Louisville I am crunching numbers and feel I must make the pilgrimage.

Feels good to settle in while the wood stove crackles and I sharpen the pencils, get the taxes out, peruse show entry forms, shuffle stacks of paperwork, jot down ideas for new pots, tile projects, calculate new glazes, day dream, phone calls, visits, candlelight dinners, seed catalogs and all that stuff that has been neglected during the frantic last two months.
ohm-ing myself off.........
the dalimama

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