Monday, January 18, 2010

The weekend is over and.....

back on the treadmill..........

The opening at the Ashtabula Art Center was really nice. I forget what my pots look like in a beautiful setting. Thank You Meeghan Humphery! First time I have ever seen my work on black pedestals and have to say I LOVE it! Beautifully formal.
Most of the time the pots sit in the studio waiting for handles or just get packed right up and put away. It has been quite a while since I have seen a large body of work in one place balanced so nicely with large paintings as a back drop. Annika Farmer has to be one of my favorite painters/designers and I hope we can do this again. Lots of friends, family, friends I usually see in the garden came out, fellow artists and the Ashtabula contingency.
We got home late and I have to say so glad this is over. It's is a bit of work and the time in the studio gets thrown into the blender. Now hoping to get back into the routine of going to the studio everyday and working. The rhythm is one of my favorite parts of working alone.

On another note....... THE BREAD IF GONE! and I don't think I will be making that large of a recipe for a while! Finished off with crispy pizza last night. Piled on red and yellow peppers, onions, artichokes, feta cheese, capers, sun dried tomatoes and nudged into a hot 450 F. oven. The crust was crispy and delicious as I knew it would and I am still wondering if the veggies balanced out the carbs at all..... Felt quite relieved walking down to make coffee and knowing the bread bowl in the fridge was gone! Also back in the routine again!

Missed my treadmill Saturday and Sunday. Had studio visitors stop by from around the corner and Michigan. Unpacked a few things and truly enjoyed the visit. Made me think about life here in the Falls. Visitors in the studio make me think it's really time to set the back room up as a show room. Also talked about a summer garden/pottery show and it seems like there is good feed back to do this. Maybe this year! The gardens usually look pretty good in late June, early July. Maybe party at the Miller's, garden party! Stuff to think about while pounding away on the treadmill this morning. Logged 4 miles in 73 minutes and the treadmill says I burned 503 calories; is that all? Loved the incline this morning, punished myself at 8 and huffed and puffed my way through HGTV and a cooking show. Thinking Paula Dean might not be my best choice while power gasping.

Happy to report a friend pointed me to the website Blurb. A free download to publish books. Rachael tried it first and I was pretty impressed. After watching her my immediate thought was; WOW! what a marketing tool! I spent two days the weekend before the show opened downloading pictures to a book. Hit the publish button Sunday night. Fed Ex was in our driveway Friday afternoon, just in time for the opening! Amazing and easy! check out
titled the book; "Vessels of Clay & ............"

Well folks it's Monday and I am off to the studio!
Happy MLK day and support the Haitian relief fund..............

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