Thursday, February 18, 2010

Descending into chaos........

Spent the last week preparing to glaze, the closer glaze day gets the more anxious I become.  The only reason I glaze pots is to make room on the shelves for freshly thrown pots.  There is nothing better than walking into the studio first thing in the morning looking at full shelves of freshly trimmed new pots.  
There are pots everywhere, I am one step away from stacking them on the floor and you see who is on the floor! 

Today I realized there is nothing more I can do to put this part of the process off.  Everything has been washed, waxed and given the once over.  As a last minute reprieve, one of my galleries called for an emergency mug order......... bless you.  Yesterday, I sat down in the morning, threw 16 mugs and by evening trimmed and handles were put on.  These are new mugs for me, really big and new forms...... I played!

The porcelain bisque kiln is cooling, 214 F.  But I cannot unload until there is room, so I simply must glaze.  Feeling a bit under the gun as Butch and I decided at the stroke of midnight to make a run south.  
Blast off day, next Wednesday or Tuesday night if all goes well.  The mugs need to be in the truck for delivery as well as camping stuff, a kayak and a bike.  

We get back on the 28th, March 1st I need to have pots delivered to Juma Gallery for an opening March 5th.  3-4 kiln loads need to be fired before we leave......... I can do this!!  I need to see the sun! 
But for now I need to glaze..........
Gosh, I hate to glaze.......... 
besides what am I going to do with place setting for 24?  

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