Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Gift of an Ordinary Day, yeah right......

There are very few rules here in Paine Falls.
I can remember three:
1.  Don't mess with my dog or truck.
2.  If you take tools from the studio, PUT THEM BACK, EXACTLY WHERE YOU GOT THEM!
3. Don't waste food.

I know rules are made to be broken and every single rule has been broken, several 
times and we all get over it and move on.....

like the time Rachael drove my brand new truck through the week old shed........ 
I can still hear the gravel flying when she popped the clutch and shortly there after 
I heard the big bang.  

The Dawn of the Big Bang Theory:
That is the bang when I knew flushing a .99 bottle of nail polish 
down the brand new sink was child's play.  
As their ages increased so would the 
expenses and I wasn't even thinking of college at this point.
I had no idea ......... but I still cannot close the shed door to this day.

in the continuing saga of Abby Miller............

while clearing off the mail table today I found a postcard from the
city of Bedford.......... 
Abbigail Miller you must appear in court on March 3rd, 2010.

ABBY!!!!!!!!!............ back up, go with theinside voice,  
"What is this for?"

"Ummmm a traffic ticket on my way home from Kent."

"Like back from Kent, the weekend of the giant arm tattooing?


"What did you get stopped for?"

"Ummmmm having a headlight out on the truck......"

Immediately, I feel like the biggest piece of poop in the world because it's my truck and I knew the
headlight was out.  But just in case, I asked, where is the ticket, I want to see it.

She went to work, came home.  Hey, where's the ticket.  
Runs upstairs, doesn't come back, HEY WHERE IS THE TICKET.......
I go upstairs, bang on the door, hear furious paper shuffling over head bangers ball music........ Hey, where's the ticket?

The door cracks open; Relax, I'm looking for it.

I go back down stairs.

I hear a jubilant:  "I FOUND IT!" 30 minutes later.

Great, just show it to Dad, he reads these all the time.
I used to write these things daily but they have gone to a print out that looks nothing 
like the 3 part citations I wrote at the dawn of time.

On the computer I don't hear any yelling, screaming or Mia Copa's so I poke my head up & out of the
fox hole.  Butch sticks the ticket in my face........ READ this!

Put my two pairs of glasses on preparing to say I'll pay for the ticket cause it's the headlight.

Then my eyes bug out of my head and it says......... 80 mph in a 60....and a headlight.
$125 for the speeding, nothing for the headlight.  I am soooo not paying for this!

The truck isn't even back from the body shop with $1600.00 bill yet.  Not sure how you get 
"a blowout" and do $1600.00 damage but rule #2 is just going up in flames along with the 
insurance premiums.
and she asks......... Why would they raise the insurance?
Because you are sooooooo cute & they just love that new tatoo they decided not to raise our rates.

if you buy a vowel I will give a clue, many clues!  
In fact you need to buy so many vowels there aren't anymore left in the alphabet!

going out to the studio to breath kiln fumes.........

and if one more person sends me the YouTube  "The Gift of an Ordinary Day".  
I am sending Abby to live with you for a week, consider it my ordinary gift to you.

for every tear jerking line in this video I said to myself........ I can top that! 

peace out campers......... 

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