Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yup it's that time of the year again!

The snow is piled high, the dog naps between scratching, licking and chewing, OH and taxes are due soon.  

February.  The air is so dry, my cherry tomatoes dehydrated on the counter over night and I got dust bunnies up my nose the size of watermelons. 

We are all itchy and a little bitchy. 
 I can wake from a sound sleep in utter darkness and mutter... STOP LICKING!  (to the dog who sleeps at the foot of the bed, not Butch.)  Butch snores away, how is it he can sleep though the disgusting slurpy sounds in the still quiet darkness?!  Then there is the stealth licking I really abhor! 
  I am yaking and he is snoring, life is so unfair!  But now I am up at O'dark-thirty.

Every morning I jump out of bed,  slam into the wall,  my ankles just don't work like they used to too &  wander to the coffee pot.   Sometimes there's coffee sometimes there's not.  Today I score a half cup luke warm Italian Roast that is wonderful.  Flip on the tube, check the weather; snow, snow and more snow.  Followed by high winds and oh look an ODOT salt truck flipped over last night.  

I motor upstairs and jumped in a hot shower.  Since I keep the house around 60 degrees F. steam is immediate!  Gripping my hot coffee and leaning against the cold tile,  I am in heaven for a brief 10-15 minutes as steam swirls up my nose and coffee rolls down my throat.  
Get dressed, roll open the door and this is what I see every morning.......

It never occurred to me he wants a shower ......... until today.  We usually go to the Paw Wash but it's snowing, cold and 20 minutes away on a good day. We LOVE the Paw Wash, you plunk down $15, they give you fresh towels, suds,  a super duper blow dryer, ear wipes, treats and other dog butts to sniff!  Who wouldn't like that?  Also the mess stays at the Paw Wash and you get a clean dog and a clean house. He lays with his paws crossed over staring me down, just like the Sphinx but in reality he is the Stinks!  Dude I have Almond Apricot body wash you are going to love!  I didn't have to ask twice!  Apparently he has done this before!  

He was perky and his puppy mind jumped in the tub but his 11 year old hind end got dragged in... Ouch!   Turning on the warm shower massage he groaned, went weak in the knees and had a moment.  
Hmmmm...... on second thought, maybe tomorrow.

Are you kidding?  Apricots and Almonds?


I discovered the best part about tossing him in the tub is the shower door!  When the water shuts off 
and he starts shaking water off I simply close the door until the mess stops!  BRILLIANT! 

UMMMM...  I believe I am done.

He rolls out of the tub, into a fresh towel and we both roll around on the floor for a few minutes.  
For him this is the spa, for me ...... I am going to need another shower for sure!  Now I am the Stinks and he is fruity fresh.

As I type he is napping.  I am on my way back to the bathroom for a quick napalm treatment! 
Because if Butch finds out I gave the dog a bath in the people tub he will pack his bags and move to the YMCA!   Doggie towels and rugs are in the people washer and now I think it's me who smells.  Yardley Lavender Soap can only do so much!

Well after that I am on to my next adventure.......... 
Taxes and my desk! 
great just noticed the book on my desk:
Steering by Starlight
if that doesn't say it all......... 

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