Friday, February 5, 2010

There are days and then there are weeks.......

having a week!
Pictured the shelves filled with pots and happily glazing away.
Somebody whack me with a 2" x 4" and get back to reality!

The shelves are empty but the kilns are full and the floor is mopped!
There is a yard chicken cooking in the pressure cooker and I have
exactly to 12 minutes to update the blog while the shuttlecock bubbles away!

This week out to break down shows, brainstorm with gallery owners,
sketch out new ideas for pots, load up on books on tape from the library.
Can't wait to tear into the life story of Warren Buffett and will try to
apply all insights to the pottery business, yeah right, where's that 2x4?
finally tossed the Northern Ohio Clay blog together!

Looked at the calendar this morning and realized I have a few short weeks
before pots need to be delivered to Juma Gallery for an opening on March 5th!
Set that wheel to warp speed!

Ran down to Geode Gallery in Tremont and brainstormed with Gillian.
May 7th she was on board for a dinnerware show!  I have to say I am
very excited about this show.  We are inviting artists to submit one
dinner place setting to be displayed on a very large dinning table!
Tremont is the gallery/restaurant haven to the west side of Cleveland.
Geode is looking to pair with a restaurant in the area to match food and
So happy Marci Selsor & Heidi Brown Heugen will be joining the show!!!
Todd Leech & Theresa Yondo are in the mix too!

Then there have been life's little trials and tribulations....... how does the
Ab-i-nator drive out for pizza, have a tire "blow-out" and do $1600.00
damage to a truck.  Yup, there's that learning curve again!  and looking
for the 2x4 .........

Rachael is back out too sea testing salmon nets and on a second bout of
sea sickness.  Drink your ginger tea!!!

ok yard chicken has been reduced to soup and I am off to the races!

brining those turkey legs in bourbon!!

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