Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby it's cold outside...........

But the pond is flowing and the birds love it!  
The chickadees have just about cleaned off the sunflower seeds. 

Clematis has seen better days.

Pictured above ......... the maker of the weapons of mass digestion.
Pictured below......... the flinger of  frozen weapons of mass digestion.  

It has been snowing for days.  
Do you see the little yellow building behind the frozen weapon flinger?  
That is where I work, the studio, the sacred space where magical things happen.

Are you coming?  
It's time for you to make magical things...... I am done making magical things.

Today I was busy;  blasting Bob Seger, throwing pots and belting out .....  I Got The Fire Down Below. 
And then ...... I dove for cover!  
Turning down the iPod, I heard it; the giant red snow spewing beast that only rears it's ugly head a couple times a year.  The rest of the year it lives under a blue tarp and is used as nut storage for the local chipmunk hamlet, and I bet they are as happy as I am right now.

Flipping on the outside light to my studio I peer into the darkness and discover my better half,
 was having so much fun in sub zero weather with gale force winds he blew the snow off the entire backyard, the driveway, the neighbors driveway, all walkways and sidewalks up and down the street and he was on his way down the street.  And he is a happy guy! 

Note, the only place not cleared are stone raised flower and vegetable beds. 

This might explain crop circles.  
It's guy in England with something that has a motor on it and he just can't stop.  This phenomenon
also takes place in the summer with the weedwhacker.  I have lost entire gardens. 
 It's a guy thing, find something with a motor and he just cannot stop.  I cannot recall any woman I know who has this affliction.  Well, maybe a new food processor....... 

The weather has been good to keep me in the studio and the shelves are filling, not quickly but they are filling.

Hurry Spring!! 


  1. give the guy a Wovel!
    Keep him fitter!!

  2. and a bit quieter too!

    what a beautiful informative website! thanks!

    one more blog too follow, the list continues to grow.......