Monday, January 10, 2011

Trash to .......... my shed

I walk into the studio every morning and say ....... 
you really need to clean out and get organized....... again.

This is the wall of glazes.  Glazes for functional, non functional and could be awesome but........ 

Testing and making glazes takes up quite a bit of room but then I have been testing over 25 years.

Just keeping 25 years of test tiles and records has lead to a too much information.  

This is the year I vowed to get control, get the glaze stable down to 12 good glazes and be done.  
Getting rid of stuff I didn't use or really want.

Yesterday the phone rang; a community pottery studio was cleaning house and did I want........ 
the list was too long to write here.  The words just tumbled out of my mouth........ Sure. 

Next Friday I will be driving to Cleveland with my empty truck and lugging home chemicals no longer wanted or needed by another potter.  Almost all of the chemical are things I use and they will be given a good home here in Paine Falls.  

As I take inventory in my shed to make room for incoming I realized I should adjust my glaze stable to use up the chemicals I have bags and bags of.  

Yes, it takes time and work to keep stuff out of the landfill....... 


  1. I've just found a large box of test tiles...and several boxes of pots of dried up glaze I just clear it all out? I desperately need the space, you say, saving things from landfill.....

  2. You know... if you need space, you could always just ship that unwanted/unneeded stuff this way.. hint, hint!
    Have fun rearranging!

  3. Yesterday I moved a 75 pound bag of Cornwall Stone, blue in color and the bag was dated 1967!

    What amazes me ..........
    the kids graduating from the art school down the road have no idea what this is or can do in a glaze.

    Back at it today.........

    LOL thanks TropiClay!