Sunday, January 16, 2011

time for coffee and reflection on rejection......

Plans sure go to Hell in a hand-basket pretty quick.  Some days I'm ready for them and some days I am not.
My day was going rather well; walking with a full cup of coffee and not spilling, pouring out my bran flakes and not spilling, letting the dog out and not closing my nighty in the door again.  Gosh, just getting out of bed and having my ankles work is great!
Small victories but nonetheless, a great way to start the day.

By lunch I was floundering.  My plans to attend the Pittsburgh opening had not fit into Mother Nature's plan for a freezing rain/blizzard/snow storm.  God, I love living in the snowbelt.
Called Abby at Kent and told her change of plans.
She said; No problem she could clean her house.....  oh sorry I was looking for Abby Miller.

On my way to the coffee pot I checked my status on the Reston, Virginia  Outdoor Show........ rejected.  What?
I love my delete button!  No!  I reject you......... delete!  What do you mean I am rejected?  After all these years I am still shocked and depressed when I get the big old rejection notice from shows.

My logical brain immediately talks me off the ledge as I know this is all subjective.  And you know for the $40 jury fee I wish they would tell you why you were rejected.  Just a note:  Your stuff sucks, Your photography sucks, Your booth sucks, You suck........   pick one because my crazy brain checks all of them.

I padded out to the studio with fresh coffee stains on my shirt and slammed my coat in the back door.

I wander around the studio somewhat lost as I realize I am not spending an awesome day with my awesome daughter at an awesome opening in Pittsburgh with awesome clay friends AND I am not going to Reston, VA in May with my awesome pots.  Like whatever........

Sitting down at the wheel I have new clay to test.........  Matt and Dave's Porcelain and the box says;
"Let the Coup Begin!"  I am so there........  after throwing 30#  gotta say I'm a convert!  Now lets see how it works with my glazes, stay tuned claybuds........


I cleaned the studio, fired a kiln, started weaving a new pot and enjoyed a cup of bourbon drunk from a lovely shino tea bowl by friend Todd Leech........ who was at the opening in Pittsburgh.

Guess it's time to start looking for more shows to fill my spring schedule................... over a glass of good ole' Kentucky bourbon introduced by another best claybud, Dolita!


  1. atta girl...alway chin up in this business cause it can be a killer somedays.
    glad to hear the new porcelain suits you..excited to see what you create.

  2. Hi Heidi!
    Hey I am stoked on this clay body! No Neph Sye settle out in the bottom of the bucket and so far joins very nicely. Got 4 teapots out of 12 pounds of clay.
    Definitely putting it through it's paces.

    will post pix on how it goes....... leaning to the celedons :-)

  3. The Reston jury committee this year is from an insane asylum! Your work is great! They should be so lucky!