Monday, January 17, 2011

A Productive day........

Some days I can't get out of my own way today was not one.

Also starting to tick down the days to Naples.  After Chicago I realized I needed to take credit cards.  This has been a ridiculous search of the absurd and abstract.   I own a Tracfone for emergencies.
It was free and I had a coupon for double minutes for the life of the phone....... I never use my minutes and it's incomprehensible for a dyslexic to text anything.

Venturing into Verizon, AT&T, TMobile, Virgin, Geek Squad and the Apple Store over the last two days my head is ready to blow off and spin around spewing 4G's.
Bottomline....... I don't want a contract!  After caressing the "Smartphones" and realizing they are smarter than the dog and my warped brain combined I moved down the line to the "Pads".
(you know in the 70's if I were standing in the pad aisle I wouldn't be in a phone store! and just go there because they are using the same wording; compact, fits in a pocket, easy to conceal ........ )

Found out I can Skype on an iPad or a Galaxy Tab and Verizon will only charge me $20 a month.  no monthly charge on the Square or contract but it's not compatible with the Galaxy Tab, back to iPad.
Cash anyone?  I love cash........

Ordered my new ProPanels, should be here in three weeks!
also got my grocery shopping done........

Threw 60# of clay, got a bisque unloaded,  finished up some teapots made with Matt and Dave's new porcelain.

48# of Tucker mid smooth stoneware ^6.

13# of Matt and Daves ^5-8 porcelain.... (love it!!)

Highwater Clay; Bella's Blend and Standard 211 Hazelnut ^6

unloaded a bisque kiln of Standard clay 551 porcelain ^6

I just cannot get a blue glaze I like!!!  

and the dog was really busy holding down the floor! 

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