Friday, March 30, 2012

Home at last........

And not a moment to spare before the tax rebellion starts.......   
But! before I dive into the pile of receipts and mug of sharpened pencils thought it would be fun to do a recap! 

3:20 am Wednesday, March 21st, on our way to Spring Craft Boston.  The end of the gauntlet called March.  The sun was coming up somewhere around Rochester, NY.

My able bodied assistant........ well,  hope she is resting up for the day ahead.

Staying behind...... a man and his dog celebrating his birthday and dreaming about putting that boat in the water.

By 4:30 p.m. knee deep in set up.  Where is my wand? 

Grazing stations set up for the gala opening on Thursday night.  

A small rant here...... I LOVE Boston for it's food!  It is a town of foodies and did I mention you can get fresh seafood just about anywhere?  You can get organic, fresh, home brewed, home grown, home cultured anything in Boston.  Makes me dizzy.  We found a little place in Winthrop; The High Tide.  Although known for their huge breakfasts we opted for dinner.  The kid from Ohio went for mac and cheese with ham and peas...... no comment.  (she loved it!) Just looking at it made my arteries hurt.

I chose the Mediterranean Delight.  Broiled salmon, feta cheese, mussels, shrimp; all tossed in olive oil, capers and fresh lemon juice!  YUM!  After working all day this was wonderful! and can I say the price is $12.95!  We ate here almost everyday and best of all they are right down the street from our AirBnB stay.

This was my first stay.  OK all  you backpackers, artists and folks who do not want to spend a gazillion dollars for a bed you are just going to sleep in.   I contacted Gerta, the homeowner and made arrangements, she had one room left for $50 a night.  

This is our room and it looks out over the ocean in a very nice neighborhood with restaurants we could walk too.  Many artists opted to stay in the Seaport Hotel but alas the rooms were $225 a night.  You have to do your homework but I will using the service again! 

Our stay from the outside!  That's our room, third dormer on the left. 

By Sunday morning we bid goodbye to Winthrop and Gerta and worked the last day of Craft Boston.  Packed up and pulled the trailer out of the convention center by 7:45 p.m.  I drove through the night pulling in the driveway at 6:30 a.m.  The coffee pot was on and sheets were fresh.  Abby slept during the drive home because she had class at 10 am Monday morning.  She hopped in Butch's car and off they went.  Before I hit the sheets I kissed the dog..... on the lips..... so happy to be home!

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