Monday, March 19, 2012

March marches on.......

March has been just plain nuts and I am admittedly a bit squirrelly.  Spring fever or burnout?  Not sure.
After Saturday with the Cincinnati Clay Alliance I know talking about pots will never get old.

Spent Sunday unpacking the car and putting all my workshop tools away.  I cannot tell a lie...... I always pack too much!  Again the Hungarian motto comes back to me..... "Why Do When You Can Over Do?"  Maybe it's time to let my Scottish side come out but then I look awful in plaid and kilts!

The Cincinnati Clay Alliance folks rocked!  A huge thank you to Pam Duncan, Sue Cline and Marcia Cochran.  The only thing I would have changed about the workshop is the addition of a slideshow.  Trying to convey so much through words and gestures is sometimes just to talky.  And talk, wow have not talked that much or heard myself talk that much in very long time.  Started loosing my voice about an hour into the workshop, could have been the pollen or my kitty allergy or just plain talking.  Perhaps the dog would like to have more dialog between his naps.  

Today there are several pots to ship out.......... my favorite thing (she typed sarcastically!)  Frame a few wall pieces (really make more sawdust), pick daughter #2 for Spring Break (really pick up free help for Boston), start the packing for Boston (really just rearrange the trailer), and try to get a glaze fire done but at this point I know those teapots and stacked pieces are not going to Boston (really leave me my illusions!).

And as I put my list together I gaze out the window to weather in the 70's and a yard that needs a major clean up!  Things need cut back and gardens turned.  Hoping I didn't miss the window to get my peas in or for that matter all cold weather crops.  Can I please have a couple radishes this year before they bolt from hot weather?!   Too late, 80 tomorrow.........  hot weather just makes me cranky!   I am ready to go dirt diving now but it must wait until I get home.

March has logged too many hours on the road, not enough creative time and have reveled in the shear satisfaction of crossing things off my list.  There is a mountain of paperwork to do when I get back and I would so love to see the surface of my desk again, bet I find a packet of seeds at the bottom of the pile.

Be strong and carry on.............

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  1. Sandy, I can't thank you enough for all of the energy and information you provided for the Cincinnati Clay Alliance Workshop. I'm already using some of the information you brought to us. Going to try a couple of the glazes, thanks so much for posting the Penland Orange and Tortoiseshell! And I'm definitely going to make some paper clay for mending the troublesome cracks I've been getting in my clay body recently. I hope you have a terrific show in Boston. Thanks again. Marcia Cochran