Thursday, March 15, 2012

what is going on?

The planets are out of align ........... again!

One of those days when I am steam rolling from one calamity to next.  Maybe it was the lightening storm we work up to at 4:30 am, maybe it was the dog banging his head on the bedroom door, maybe it was taking the car to the mechanic at 7 a.m. and being told we would need more than an oil change.  No worries we have time for breakfast......... the toaster went ca-flooie.  It wouldn't stay down so I held it until black smoke curled out and I announced;  It's done!  I went for oatmeal.

Car picked up by 9:30 a.m. and off to the studio.  Thought I would start the framed pieces.  I spent a few years working in a frame shop.  Yesterday I traveled across town to the moulding wholesale store and the hardware store to get this production rolling.  I wrestled the air compressor off the porch, found the brad nailer and even found the wood glue.  Happy dance!  Plug in the miter saw and rummage around for scrap lumber to practice on before I ruined $150.00 worth of moulding.  Two eight foot pieces of scrap firing strips ruined and I was on my way.  Cutting angles for someone who does not know right from left ....... well it's a challenge.  I started out making an 18 x 25"   firing frame.  By the time I got the miter cuts down I was down to a 4 x 6 " frame that will fit in my wallet.

The dog laid under the table and by lunch was covered in sawdust, I had reduced 16 feet of lumber to a pile of sawdust. I rock at this!
Finally feeling confident enough to cut the expensive stuff I put it on the miter saw and let er' rip....... that lovely fine paint which is over plaster and then wood looked like a herd of beavers had their way with the moulding.  Run to hardware store and buy a proper saw blade.  Back home, cut moulding, success!  Get out the new fangled 4 corner vise which I was told would be so much easier than the old corner bench vise I was used to, was NOT!

Tom the hardware guy said it's so simple just use the four thumb screws and it will tighten all 4 four corners together perfectly.  I screwed and screwed for 20 minutes....... until my thumbs were screaming.  On my way back to the hardware store to get a corner vise that screws to the table and have a little chat with Tom to see if he sells extra thumbs!  Finally home and ready for glue and brad nailer I tripped over the 50 ft. orange extension cord and told myself to get hold of yourself!  I didn't nail my hand to the frame, yippee!
Flip the frame over and one piece had been cut upside down......... kill me.  I could not endure another round, off to the house.

In the house I thought I'd replace a burned out track light over the sink.  Pull out the chair, jump on the granite counter top and cannot figure out how to get the bulb out of the sleek modular track head.  I started unscrewing screws much to the delight of my aching thumbs.  One more turn to the left and the light bulb dropped out, all by itself, crashing to the counter taking the edge of a very nice chip carved plate and bouncing into the sink.  Why yes I tried to catch the heavy light bulb hurling itself toward my plate and granite counter top, promptly loosing my balance and failing off the counter.  I will be applying to Cirque du Soleil after I get my knee out of my forehead.  The dog guarded the fridge and raised an eyebrow.  Checked for blood and broken bones, nope.  Limp upstairs to find my sticky bottom rock climbing shoes and not my cotton socks waxed with pledge and jump back on the counter.
It's just like riding a horse, get back on!   An hour later the angels sang and we had light in the kitchen again.

High beam on the coffee pot and thought YES!  That is just what I need a good cup of coffee!  I cleaned out the coffee grinder and the coffee pot and readied myself for a much needed jolt.  Well I got the jolt because I forgot to put the lid on the coffee grinder and I stood there looking like a chia pet!
Finally I made coffee and felt so superior as I sank into the couch......... what a day.

Headed back to the studio to make teapots and pack for my morning trek to Cincinnati.........
I swear I need a pedestrian air bag........


  1. One of days that when it starts going that way, just STOP!!

  2. You just think it has to get better........ Wrong!