Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Workshop bound.......

And away we go! 

Packing up, making lists, finalizing handouts and looking forward to the drive south Friday morning.  My workshop outline is growing and not sure how I will fit everything in to a one day workshop.  Hoping the workshop will be spontaneous and folks feel free to ask questions.  I also know I can talk about clay and glazes until the cows come home;  if no one asks a question I know there won't be dead silence at any given time.  Very excited to be in a room with other potters talking about clay!!!  

Heard a rumor glaze partner Dolita is making the trek from Louisville.  It has finally happened, we have taken our act on the road....... The Thelma and Louise of the clay world.  

I am so happy the Clay Alliance of Cincinnati and the Louisville Clay Guild will come together in one room.  Great for potters separated by the Ohio River! 

And while away both kilns will be firing for Craft Boston ...... which starts on Wednesday next week.  

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