Thursday, November 8, 2012

back in the saddle again.......

and it feels so good!   Time to check on the pond and the frogs are still moving....... slow!

Takes a while after a show to get back to the studio.  There was just so much stuff left with dangling participles last Friday when I left in the wee hours.  Tip to traveling potter..... always leave in the dark!

I walked in the house, flat lined but the house was really clean and even smelled clean to the point my eyes watered.  WOW!  Nice floors I mumbled and went directly to bed.  Master dog handler might have said something like;  dog is sick, but I don't remember or did not hear that piece of news.  I do remember bending over and petting a furry head that smelled really bad........ could have been Butch.

Monday morning I woke up and stumbled down to the coffee pot.  Eyes watering from Pine Sol disinfectant overload.   Every time I leave the dog stops eating and he is a 14 year old geezer.
Second handler in command usually sits on the floor next to the food dish coaxing him to eat.  Not this time.
This time his answer to priming the pump of an old dog....... pour bacon fat all over his food.  How much he poured is a mystery but judging from the smell of Pine Sol in the house. looking at throw rugs freshly washed and hanging over chairs drying and then EEEEK the backyard!  

I hunted the dog down in the back room who was splayed on the cool concrete floor he looked like he had been on a bender.  Whoa, buddy........ tough weekend.  Sat down with my coffee and fed him tiny pieces of dry toast.  Yes!  The tail wagged!   By noon he was sitting up and he was back.

When I leave on extended trips I say a prayer and put a guardian angel on duty over the chicken coop and the house.  Waving my wand snapping all etherial beings to attention I back out of the driveway.  Usually works........but then the human factor seeps in.  These are things I do to make it OK to leave for shows.

With Monday shot to hell I concentrated on Tuesday.   Ordered clay and chemicals, banking, unload truck and trailer, clean up the studio to gear up for production and, and, and........Whoa!  Threw three porcelain pots.  Thought the shelves would be fill by Wednesday morning.  OH and then there was election madness; waiting in line at the polls, facebook, multitudes of phone calls from political candidates and staying up until 2 a.m. listening to the rejected and jubilant.   OH and a big raccoon to catch!

Wednesday......... unload a semi truck of clay and chemicals ordered yesterday.  Find and clean out nooks and crannies in the studio to store clay and chemicals. Trim three whole pots, hair cut to look human again, make yogurt and throw 13 more pots.  OH and a 2nd big raccoon to catch!

Today I will trim and throw multitudes of pots and I am back in the grove.  Four days to get my grove going.  But I am back!

Orders are piling up, last show date is looming on the horizon, Rachael arrives shortly, and the chickens are still laying......... these are good problems to have!

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  1. Oh, poor dog! (and poor you for coming home to a sicky!)

    It always seems to take a while to get back in production mode, doesn't it? :) I admire your energy.