Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Egg-stravaganza.......

Whirlwind weekend!  Temps in the high 60's and where to dive in first.  As much as the little voices kept telling me to go to the studio it was gorgeous out!  And let's just face it there are only a few of those days left.... 

In my haste to run out the door with a butt full of garden tools and gloves in hand.  Butch yelled; Hey can you help me make Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs?  It was akin to being struck by lightening!  The guy never asks for anything in the food category of life.  He would eat kibble and say;  Wow, that was delicious!  As a foodie I have found this somewhat frustrating but since he is grateful to have anything put in front of him I guess I should be thankful....... but I'm not and I want him to be as excited about fresh free range eggs from happy chickens as I am.   

Running back in the house and digging out my deviled egg recipe I whipped together a list for smoked salmon and mayo (no time to make it today!)  Off he ran to the grocery store.  Unloading my back pockets of tools,  I took my gloves off.  BE FLEXIBLE, stay clean, stay out of the dirt... so I sat down and started weaving instead of gardening. 

He was gone three hours for two ingredients!  Finally home at 1:30 p.m. (Next time I will make the mayo.)  He unloaded the groceries with a gleeful look and poured himself a beer.  OH boy we are going to cook together!!  I dug out pots and pans while he ran to the fridge in the studio to grab 4 doz. eggs.  Get the ones on the top shelf I yelled.  They were the oldest and should be the easiest to peel once boiled.  

These yummy eggs were for the final dinner of the Sailing Club, about 45 people.  4 dozen eggs should be plenty........ until the peeling started.  Kill me, stick a fork in me, anything but peeling all these fresh eggs!!!!  Standing at the sink cursing under my breath he stood next to me chipping away.  He was breathing so hard and was so stressed I asked him if he wanted to chop onions instead.  "No, I can do this!" he said.  Heavy breathing continued and I asked him if he was having chest pains yet... 
We mangled and chipped away and 4 doz. eggs.  Realizing we had mangled a dozen that would not be used for anything but egg salad.  I boiled up another dozen. The girls have been busy and I have eggs!  Digging through the memory banks of my fuzzy brain something made me add 1/2 cup white vinegar, not sure why but seemed right.  The eggs peeled like a breeze!  Note to self on that discovery!!  I still had high hopes of gardening but it was 4:30 p.m.  I walked out the back door to a setting sun and kicked the dirt.  Back to weaving....... 

The agony of the defeat......... 

He helped ........ which is why it took 3 1/3 hours to make deviled eggs.

Finally, Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs for the masses!  
The day was shot...... 5:30 pm and he was headed out the door.  
Happy and whistling.  I could not bear to look at another egg so stayed home and worked on pots.
As he whistled his way to the car I yelled:  Don't bring one of those stupid eggs home!  The sailing club ate them all....... yeah! 

one down and many more to go.........

round two! 

Sunday woke up to sun and balmy temps.  Cleaned out the rest of the garden.  Lettuce and radishes are coming along nicely.  

back gardens cleaned out, garlic planted, onions are looking good.  Something is eating the brussel sprouts!  The swiss chard still is looking good.  Old strawberry plants taken out and bed amended. 
Dug a few potatoes for dinner while I was out there too.

front and driveway beds cut back and cleaned...... 

after dinner ran out to the studio and threw a few pots.
Sunday was over and so was the weekend.

This morning the wind woke me up at 5:30 am.  Let the girls out and the temps were still warm.  
But with a strong wind and red glow of morning light I ran in and checked the weather.  
HOLY STORM a brewing!!  It was in Toledo and headed this way.  Threw my old jeans on and dashed out the back door on a run.  

Got the trailer unloaded first.  Locked it up and hope it stays put in the wind! 

Added the last section of the compost pile, out of salvaged pallets. 

Cleaned the chicken coop out and dashed off to the feed store to get a bale of straw.  Love that store as it opens at 7:30 a.m. and they are always smiling!!  Girls are happy dancing! 
Get the tools put away, batten down the hatch and ready to rumble by 9:00 a.m.  

On my way in I stopped and uncovered my paltry shelves of greenware.  Porcelain....... takes longer than stoneware! 

Off to the showers, make coffee and head out to the studio.   Maybe I'll wash my jeans...... nahhhhh. 


  1. Whew!
    I washed my car today.... :)
    and the kiln is fring happily.

  2. LOL! Oh Tracey, I think we all do this much I just wrote it all down......oh bet your on the couch eating Bon-bons :)
    But your a potter and weaver and, and, and....