Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Four years ago......

Four years ago I sent an email to my All around BFF and clay bud, Dolita.  Rachael called at 2:00 a.m. from India. She had been in the Peace Corps in Benin and was on her way home...taking the long way through Eygpt, India, Nepal, Thailand and Japan.  Rachael and Annie arrived in Calcutta, India as the election results weremtallied and announced. This is what the email said;
"just wanted to let you know the phone blasted off the wall at 2 am last night...it was Rachael and Annie screaming into the phone...MOM IT'S ME...DID
 YOU SEE IT?? DID YOU SEE IT?? WE CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT WE ARE SEEING. WE ARE IN INDIA AND CALCUTTA IS ON FIRE AND WE ARE DANCING IN THE STREETS OF INDIA! There are red, white and blue balloons by the hundreds, Obama buttons, hats and T-shirts. MOM, WE ARE IN INDIA! Our trip home just changed, people are excited we are Americans! MOM, THIS IS AMAZING!!!!
Last night the world danced."
And I say we want to dance again on Tuesday!  Please vote today, because you can!

Hey there BFF, thanks for reminding me :)  where did that four years go?

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  1. It is so strange that time gets so much shorter as we get older. Wonder if my granny knew that too, but kept it a secret.