Thursday, November 1, 2012

Heading out........

Well after reading over emails, watching radar and standing in the rain and wind, I'm just about packed. Wanted to stay home and hunker down but then out of the blue one of the directors emailed; "just checking in"  She wanted to let us know she respected our decision to attend or not but:  The Show Must Go On.  They would be open for business.  Whatever the decision, be safe.

I have to say after standing knee deep in water at the marina, being whipped to death by 40-60 mph winds and dragging downed tree limbs off the driveway I was pretty gobsmacked.  Had a hard time wrapping my brain around this email but it was Charlotte and I have the utmost respect for Charlotte.
The TV, radio, emails, social media had been inundated with the devastation.  Fine Craft, art.... really?  
After I attended the MAG last year I was elated.  Attending this one show changed the way I did business.  If I was going to pack up and hit the road I was going work for people like the MAG.  They respected the artists, fed us, housed us and checked on us hourly at the show, bringing water and snacks.  Amazing because I had tread marks on my forehead from those who shall not be named, show promoters.  Here we were coddled and it was good.  NO, it was great!   

These are the people that make me load a trailer and pull out of the driveway.  These are the shows that I personally want to succeed, in fact excel.  From the little old ladies who make the fantastic flower arrangements for the entry way, to the volunteer on her rascal scooter zipping around with a basket full of water.  What I am saying is, the community is involved and they are excited we are there. 

The other thing I love;  the show is small; 40 artists.  I should say exclusive.  
It is the best of the best.  I am honored to be invited.  
OH and there is a wonderful student show from RIT.  Opening night it is so great to talk to the students and hear about their path and what they want to do with their voice.  

Today I will run down and pick up chicken feed and extra bale of straw.  Get a bag of dog food and his line up his meds on the counter.  Pack the trailer, get my maps in order and back out of the driveway at 3:30 a.m.  The 25 mph winds should have died back, the rain will still be raining and I will be off to the MAG.  

Have a grand weekend bloggers!  


  1. The folks in NY need a day out to see something beautiful and hopeful. Artists are warm and kind by nature for the most part and those that are not artists gravitate towards them. Who better than a bunch of artists to give a community a nice day to ease the devestation in the area.
    Just give out some warm smiles and hugs and even if you only sell one piece, who knows what connections you might make. Since you have made the decision to go, might as well enjoy it!!!! Best of luck to you!

  2. Wow, looking at that weather map way over here from Sweden, it looks so long drawn out and rainy as if it won't pass. At least the worst is over. Drive careful.

  3. I have a great deal of respect for you for honoring your commitment - be safe and I hope you have a wonderful time with lots of sales!

  4. Hi Julia! Thank you! It was worth the trip!

  5. Hi Sandy !
    Great to see you on our little blog !
    A huge WELCOME from Australia !!

  6. Hi Sandy !
    Welcome to our little blog !
    A big HELLO from Australian potters !!

  7. Huge welcome back! Love your idea and posted at the top of the blog!