Tuesday, December 17, 2013


After almost killing myself trying to walk across frozen parking lots with full totes of pottery, I bought a pair of Yaktrax at Dick's.  Walked in the house, plopped the box on the counter and ran out the door to see "THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG", more on that later...... 

This morning on my way to the chickens at dark thirty, I slipped off the patio, landing in a snowbank in my jammies!  The chickens were not even off the roost yet so I cursed my way back to the house.  BC (before coffee), I pulled the Yaktrax out of the box and thought, well don't these look like kiln elements!  Slapped them on my boots and ran out the door, oh yeah I was in my antique blown out yoga pants and long sleeved rugby shirt.  Fashionista in the 'hood!


No worries, Butch was snow blowing again, he lives to run that beast of a machine and by the way, I do not consider it garden art!  It will be on the patio until the Easter Bunny visits. 


Dodging the flying snow I ran around the driveway, patio and yard.  These things are great!  Kind of springy but do grip on the ice.  Figure the $19.99 was cheaper than a cracked tail bone or worse.  Plus the entertainment value of looking at my Sasquatch snow prints will keep me walking for miles this winter!  

Each and every night the deer have been using the bird feeder like a pinata'.  On my way to the chickens I noticed the perch laying in the snow.  Had an old dowel in the studio I popped it in but it was to small for the opening.  I stuck a clothes pin on both end to keep it in place and walked in to get coffee.  Topped off my coffee and settled in to watch the blue jays dine at the bird buffet.  They looked like they were in a log rolling contest, never getting breakfast.  Bought the right size dowel and left the extended dowel hanging off to the side for the deer and extra junco lineup.  

The bluejay is not impressed...... 

The sharp shinned hawk has found the feeder too; slate blue feathers on the new white snow tells me there was junco munching going on yesterday.  

He finally stopped decorating and snow blowing long enough to work from the kitchen table.  He has a real job....... who knew?!


It has begun.  Sunday I locked myself in the bathroom with my iPad, as the giant Christmas Wreath appeared out of the shed.  For two days he has tried to find the burned out singular twinkle light that shorts out the whole wreath.  I have watched him grip the flashlight between his teeth poking through fake foliage looking for the culprit bulb.  I'm all for putting it on the curb.
Then he went to the store for milk and came back with a giant box of, "Three Spiral LED Trees".  I read, made in China, no directions, good luck.  Then I saw the ladder walk down the driveway.  While hiding in the bathroom he rattled the giant sleigh bells under the door.  GO AWAY!   He yelled back;  Not until you say;  I BELIEVE!  I flushed, ran water and yelled, GO AWAY!  I read gardening blogs and texted the kids I was being tormented by the bald elf!   There are bells on every door knob in this house, including the bathroom!  

And so it begins........ 


  1. You will enjoy Christmas!
    We're going to see DOS tomorrow!

  2. Hi Suzi! Oh I will eventually get in the spirit, it's like jump starting a car :)

    DOS ...... Take ear plugs :)