Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Days are Numbered........

I am supposed to be packing for Winterfair in Columbus and the Weather guy is streaming the impending doom of snow and blizzards.  Today it's 60 degrees, the garden is zooming along, the chickens are doing their chicken things and my house and studio look like a cluster "F".  
I know, send the WAAAAA-bulance!  
Buck Up and get busy..... but then I am always busy and the chaos puts me in shut down.  
So much to do, pack, laundry, service the truck, bank, unload the last kiln, repack the trailer, business cards to print out,  yup just daunting.  
Is my hair on fire?  Oh NO!  I am sitting here picking out my Fairy name.  Whatever did we do before the black hole known as the WEB?   But in case you were wondering;  I am Hemlock Demonglimmer.  She is a playful mischief maker.  She lives close to vixen and badger.  She can only be seen when the sun sets on the day of the completed harvest.  She wears black and white like a badger and has red wings like a brightly colored butterfly.

OMG! This explains so much......... 
Yes, fellow readers go there! 

And then I really needed to know my Christmas Elf name ...... Fidget Snowwand.  Perfect, I'm wearing that one! 
My fairy AIf you too have ever wondered about your  Christmas Elf persona go here:
And then I need to know my Witch name and Elf Name and I had blown an hour, when I really just wanted to be outside in the garden or hanging with the chickens. It's Dec. 4th and it's 60 F!! 
  I do this every single show I pack for..... because I hate this!  I go alone, set up and HATE sleeping in hotels when in fact I would prefer my sleeping bag and a tent!  
Stay tuned there will probably be a trailer and pro-panels for sale in the very near future!  I hate the road.  Seriously, I can go for weeks without leaving the ranch, my last tank of gas lasted over a month.  I have no problem keeping myself entertained and busy.  I can walk to the library, city council meetings and parks, why leave?  I love it here!  

Meanwhile back at the ranch........

Notice the piles of glaze books and test notes while chaos surrounds......
I think this is the beginning sign of insanity..... 

The weaving table is still full of pots waiting for handles.

The counter is full of pots waiting to be packed.

New Glaze tests......

The house if full, now stacking on the patio......

Oh but LOOK!  The lettuce is ready in the poly tunnel!! 

and so it goes........


  1. happy food binging days to you- the holidays are here! Why do we become so crazy this time of year> and just to keep it fun we are cleaning out a house.... Thanksgiving for us- a day at the beach, cheap beer and fried food....

  2. Oh Meredith.......... I wish I knew why. Every year it's like this, I don't remember it every being different. I am living large for January! Well actually just Sunday night when I drive home :)

    Have fun cleaning!!

    Oh for a day at the beach and cheap beer! Onion Rings anyone?

  3. I hope you have a phenomenal show- the pots look great, as usual. Your load will be lighter on Sunday, money weighs less than pots.
    I emerged from the basementio to spend my 60 degree afternoon shoveling doggie land mines into a 5 gallon bucket. Oh, what I do for fun. Happy Holidays!

  4. Tracy! I am longing for a bucket of poop..... well actually the dog. Hey Thanks!! Bet you are on the crazy train too!

    I couldn't stand it anymore......... I cleaned out the pond, put the little saucer heater in but then had to clean the shed to find the saucer the heater....... back to packing.......but feeling better:)

    Have a prosperous next couple weeks!!! Miss your face!

  5. I'll be back, I'm going to go check out my elf name

  6. I am:
    Columbine Saturndancer
    She is a trouble maker. She lives in mushroom fields and quiet meadows. She can only be seen when the bees swarm and the crickets chirrup. She wears lilac and purple like columbine flowers and has pale pink wings like a cicada.

    I love this! And I have a studio to get ready for the studio tour this weekend, think I'll go lay down in a mushroom field:-)

  7. Dear Columbine Saturndancer! Do you love it!! Doesn't it just make so much sense!

    I didn't I bust a red wing loading that darn trailer!

    Enjoy the mushrooms!!