Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wickedly Good!

Wildly good night of entertainment last night.  One of those nights when you find yourself standing on your feet with hundreds of other fans applauding wildly....... and thinking why don't we do this more often?  

The grandeur of this restored theater is such a jewel in the crown of Playhouse Square it is worth the trip to Cleveland more than once.  I wish I had taken my big camera but the little point and shoot hopefully will convey the richness of a wonderful night on the town.  

As you exit the concrete floor and chill of the parking garage, the world changes.  
The street washes away and civilization seeps in.  People hold the door for each other and say hello, kindly.  

This is the entry to the Palace Theater, next door.  
Holding my camera through the gated entrance I found it impossible to capture the double marble staircases resplendent in ruby red and gold carpets and Christmas greenery.

Abby was running a bit late;  time to hit the streets of Playhouse Square.

We had enough time for dinner at the sushi restaurant next door.  Butch found the menu a bit
daunting but eventually settled on a steaming stone bowl of veggies and glass of wine.  Abby arrived just in time for dinner.

Back in time to grab our playbills and find our seats! 
It was a sold out performance.  The sets and costumes were rich beyond wonder.  Reading the book, I had a hard time getting into the story line.  God bless the creative minds of this world, who made the leap from book to script;  they make the world a better place!  Now understanding why this play has had a 10 year run on Broadway, it should have another 10, at least! 

We were entertained for 2 hours and 30 minutes and had a 15 min. intermission, and we rushed back to our seats after intermission.

As we left the theater I was struck by the throngs of people toddling along to their cars or public transportation.  Young children bouncing around and some using the walls or walkers to support their trek to snow covered streets.  Some well heeled, but most were working people who came to the theater for the love of theater and performance.   A young black man with downs syndrome sat two rows in front of us.  As the curtain rose, he fist pumped the air and he knew the words to the first act.  He jabbed the air with each crescendo.  His Mother and Father sat on each side, she moved her hand over his arm and he became silently focused on the actors and storyline.  
At the end of the play he bolted to his feet and waved his baseball cap wildly in the air..... we followed his lead, all of us jumping to our feet, applauding and cheering.  It was a magical night we don't often treat ourselves to........ thank you Abby, love Mom


  1. Ahhh, the theater, now you know why I went back to work there! The journey from book to script and then to stage is truly magical.
    The play we did last month, Whipping Man, got picked by our local paper for best play of the year, I would have to agree. Yes, go to the theater every chance you get, nothing like it :-)

  2. Hi Tracey! Thanks so much for posting! I have to say I can' stop thinking about our evening out. I can honestly say "I get it" now :)

    It seems to have opened a door to my not so verbal daughter, which also blows my mind!

    Have a great holiday!!

  3. what a beautiful theater and lovely and magical evening you've described, the subtleties and good things of life come alive in so many different ways with family.

  4. I worked in Cleveland, one block away when this theater was slated for the wrecking ball. A group of people stepped in and saved the three theaters. I don't think any of us walking past that abandoned theater had any idea what it would look like or could be...... The power to dream :)

  5. oh, I so miss this... it is the one thing I really miss about living so far away from a real city.
    Merry Christmas! Almost! soon!

  6. Hi Meredith! We live far enough away to forget about theater and museums. Our daughter bought the tickets two months ago and I almost forgot about our date! We are going to do it again in couple months......... oh for sanity :)