Saturday, May 10, 2014

Drop'n it like it's hot?......

Drop it like it's hot?  Yup, that would be me..... after three days of cleaning up tree parts and stacking wood I am flat on my back.  Moving slow or not moving at all the past few days, still think I am 25 and not 60!  Felt fine, sat down to throw 25 pounds of new clay body, still felt fine.  End of the session, wiped my hands on a towel and couldn't get up from my throwing stool.  Oh all you potters out there, you know that lower back stab that just takes your breath away, yup. Well, this is yet another road not yet traveled and I am not liking the view!  No sitting!  Walking, standing or laying flat are in order.  Yoga is helping and just plain throwing myself on the floor when that twinge hits.  The slab roller is getting a work out.  

So with all this mov'n slow time I've had time to really watch the birds.  Over the last 25 years I absolutely did projects to make this yard, bird friendly.  
In the last three days I kept a list on who is visiting;  nuthatches, rose breasted grosbeaks, baltimore orioles, blue jays, cardinals, house finches, chickadees, robins, house wrens, white crowned sparrow, white throated sparrow, feisty chipping sparrows, gold finches, juncos, house sparrows, flickers, downy woodpeckers, hairy woodpeckers, pileated woodpeckers, undetermined warblers,  the mockingbird is back and an occasional eastern bluebird.  Nothing earth shattering but really fun! 
I guess it's time to put the hummingbird feeders out.

 The house finch gives the gold finches a run for their money at the feeder! 

 A pair of undetermined warblers enjoying the hot tub.  High entertainment value! 

The voyeur...

I think, a white crowned sparrow...... 

and Neil...... I am making my peace with this guy.  
He has been busy on mole duty.  As a bird lover I am still on the fence over this guy.  
He is allowed out with an adult.  One bird and he is on lock down!  
Moles........ as a gardener, that's a different story.  


  1. Been there, been there so bad that it took a combination of pt,chiropractor,drugs,and the work of a friend of my sister, who teaches you, me, some tricks on walking, standing, working, reaching.....don't....She helped me in so many ways.
    Getting on the floor is still a must for me.
    I hope you are up and about soon.

  2. Yikes! .... Nothing like putting your back out to make you slow down and smell the roses ... er .... watch the birds ;) I did my hip/back in a couple of weeks ago wedging 150 lbs of clay ... thankfully, I'm almost recovered. Whaddya think? ... do we have 40 yr old potter brains in ~60 yr old bodies and it's doing us in? ;) On the other hand, I know a 95 yr old potter. She's my inspiration for potting longevity - I'm in it for the long haul. Get well soon!

  3. Meredith, off to the chiropractor next week! I just don't get it....... we eat the good stuff, do our yoga contortions, ditch the stilettos and still .......

    I am not doing this aging thing gracefully!

    Am excited to be vertical today..... the wonders of ibuprofen..... never taken it before but just might keep it for future aches.

    That's it! Stilettos in the studio! Yeah like that ever happened!

  4. Brenda! I am planning on doing this another 35 years my very own self! Not sure it will be those 25 pound moon pots at that age and I bet there will be a pug mill somewhere in that studio of mine!
    We have pottery brain, garden brain, and look I'm still 25 brain! LOL!

    Gotta say it's good to know I am in good company!! And y'all lived to pot another day!

    Thanks girls!!

  5. Balance Ball! Lay on back and rock. Have someone spot you as it is possible to blackout from the stress and tension release. Hope you are better soon

  6. Oh Theresa......... if I could only get my underwear on..... :)


  7. Yes, back pain is the only thing I haven't conquered. All the things you have mentioned are what it takes to keep going. I don't use any medication. Just chew on a leather belt! LOL!

  8. Wendy, that is the tip of the day! Chew on a leather belt!! LOL!