Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The garden is open.........

Finally starting to look like gardening season around here! 
The pond is open and the patio cleared of all winter debris.......
if there was only time to sit down and have a cool drink!

As Spring approaches here in Northeastern Ohio this best sums up 
my task list...... 

but then the payoff is big...... 
The lilac is assaulting us with fragrance at the moment.
no complaints! 

Lettuce, Peas, Onions, Strawberries, Shallots, Carrots, Scarlet Runner Beans and Parsley are coming along nicely.
The herbs against the studio all survived: lavender, oregano, sage, mint, thyme and a small 
dianthus (baths cheddar).

The Perennial beds suffered major losses after last winter.
Everything dead or dying was chucked and replaced by something edible.

Teucrium border was replaced with jalapeno peppers.... 

Hibiscus moscheutos was replaced with white eggplant and purple.
Ancho Peppers also found a home in the perennial beds.

Meanwhile across the lawn the patio bed was planted with 
sweet peppers, zucchini, 3 varieties of bush beans, 8 heirloom tomatoes, sweet basil,
 8 corriander, 8 english cucumbers, 4 celery plants, stevia, chives and dill sprinkled at the fence. 
English daisies and marigold seeds were sprinkled along the patio border, fingers crossed they emerge and become pollinators. 

The way back gardens are coming along nicely.  Blackberries I thought were toast have emerged from root stock.  Garlic, peas, beets, carrots, more beans, daikon radish, and borders of zinnias and nasturtiums...... 

Potatoes are up and ready to hill by weeks end.

This little bed has 4 brussel sprouts, broccoli, bok choi and nasturtiums planted in the 
cinder block for a border.

More lettuce..... what was I thinking??  
If you pass the house you will have a bag of lettuce thrown at you! 

Raspberries were transplanted last month and look great ..... 
but then they are raspberries..... 

Spinach and Swiss Chard coming along ....

More lettuce, 3 types of radishes and kale.
Nasturtiums are planted in the cinder blocks....

The currants have fruited for the first time!! 

The deer have already checked out the gooseberries.  
So far, no touching, fingers are crossed! 

Rhubarb...... very happy and harvested! 

Chickens are back to business..... 

Argh..... those trees that took me out are finally being split and stacked! 

And the frogs have returned..... 

Got those big pots in the studio trimmed too.... 
moving slow this morning but high garden satisfaction is in order :) 

and this is why I blog..... 
she is off to lead a group of 20 teenagers backpacking along the Great Wall of China for 
American University for 2 weeks, then back to Benin and MAMACARTS..... safe travels and remember our motto:  If it's dead, eat it! 


  1. Your gardens are looking good! So many veggie and herb plants are beautiful. I think it's a great idea to replace the perennials with edibles. I wish I lived closer, I would be happy to have a bag of lettuce thrown at me.

  2. Hi Michele! Thanks!! Not sure I can throw that far :)

    The perennials are slowly loosing ground ......
    I am amazed at what you can grow on city lot, has been fun and still more to go.

    Today, back to being a potter!

  3. You are my garden hero! If we ever get a piece of land with sun on it, your blog is going to be my reference library. At least we have taken the first step and got me some chickens!

  4. I'll be passing by the last week in July. A little late for lettuce, but perhaps you will have a surplus of some other tasty edible....

    - Sue

  5. Tracey! Love those little chickens!

    Was so excited, yesterday I opened the Cleveland Plain Dealer and Gerry has two pictures on the front sports page!! I showed my whole family and yelled; His wife is a potter, blogger and has chickens!! They thought I was nuts! LOL!

  6. Hi Sue! Should be here barring floods and locusts :)

  7. You're a good Mama blogger! Happy to hear you are on the mend ... The garden looks fabulous!

  8. Your garden is putting ours to shame!!