Friday, May 23, 2014

Stay'n Centered.......

Still cool here in Ohio, tonight 45 F.  
The tomatoes are not happy, nor the peppers but the peas and lettuce........ that's another story!  

Fronts have come and gone, the beauty has not gone unnoticed. 

Green....... we have waited long for green, lush landscapes.  
It's our wettest Spring since 1874.
Although still we are a month behind in the temperature dept....
nope, no more normal....

a nice lettuce harvest this morning.... 
and the asparagus has been nuclear! 

With chilly days and Dr.s orders of no lifting, the studio has been 
a good place to hang.  Seems odd for me to be there in Spring. 
Today was a good day, 75 pounds wedged and thrown.  

I must think of a way to convey the scale of these pots.  
They are large, or large for me anyway.  Gosh, I love throwing big pots...... 
does anybody buy big pots anymore?  
Most will be turned into outdoor garden lanterns.  

The shelves are filling.  New ideas...... Spring, new shoots :) 

New bowls....... Altering thrown forms, a challenge! 

And a kiln waiting to be unloaded with new clay tests..... 

a busy few days ........ 


  1. I love big pots, although I don't make them. Jeff's big ones take some time to sell and when they do I always miss them when they are gone... but with the money in the bank I get over it pretty quickly.

    I hope it warms up soon in your neck of the woods.

  2. Hi Michele! Me too on the warm up! Planted tomatoes yesterday and they will just sit there until the soil warms......

    Been a while since I threw big pots.... Love throwing, hate the glazing!! After this round back to little carved tea pots :)