Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Still raining and trying to figure out how to get to the highway without sprouting wings, I fell down the worm hole of the internet.  It's the end of October and I find myself unwanting to pack, re-pack, load the trailer and head out on the road.  Can't remember the last time I was this burned out.

I have been driving past this building for a few years.  They lowered the price, yet again.  It was a funeral home at one time.  Then it was slated for the wrecking ball to make way for a new drug store..... because we sure need more of those!  The community banded together and moved the building two blocks down to an empty lot; and there it sits, empty since the move.   

I have fantasized about a gallery in this space.  Maybe live on the second floor, teach clay in the awesome basement and gallery on the first.  There is even room in the back for a coffee shop.  Could rock out the landscaping around the old victorian.  Plenty of room for parking and it's right in downtown.  Great small private college a mile away and and and.........

I stopped and peered through the windows the other day.  Icky funeral home wall paper but all in all wide open space....... perfect for a gallery.  

Our town is falling has fallen on hard times as I watched businesses board up and for sale signs posted left and right.  Could this even work?  Can I even write a business plan?  
and where would I put the chickens and garden???? 

Lots to think about driving through the remnants of Sandy on my way to Rochester........ 


  1. It's funny. The whole time I'm listening and watching the news over here in Sweden about your Hurricane problem, I'm listening to the common rain pouring down and pounding on my windows over here. It create quite a special effects to listening to CNN & BBC reporting!

  2. After the drought this summer and now flooding it is a wonder we live in such a delicate balance....... Common rain is great :)

  3. Seriously, we had no real summer this year and everyone is complaining about it. I really want a hot and dry drought. Never thought I say that coming from So-Cal

  4. Sometimes I send really positive energy out into the Universe and it comes back to me. Just send out some hopeful vibes for the show and maybe something interesting will happen:)
    If its a bad show at least you will know to trust your instincts, but maybe it will all be fine, it is the season for shoppers after all! Best of luck, I know exactly how you feel!

  5. Good that you all rode out the storm okay. That building sure looks good. An interesting project, I'd say! Good luck.

  6. Your thoughts about the moved empty building...I'm there with you. There are several places here in Barberton that caught my imagination as to turning then into a gallery. But then, Barberton has a lot of low income and welfare families. Not the sort of people who can financially make the thought of a gallery feasible. It would be nice to somehow combine my fantasy herb shop with my fantasy art gallery. I'm there with you!

  7. It never hurts to put together a business plan and put it out there - I think the idea is wonderful and has real merit. You never fail if you at least try...and I think it is a wonderful opportunity! What a beautiful building, too - it deserves to be a gallery, studio, and space where people can learn art. :)

    ...and I think I see a little space where the chickens could live. :)

  8. Dear Sandy, We are so happy you are returning to Rochester, everyone loved you and are happy you are coming back. We're so sorry for all the hardships caused by the other Sandy but we are all here in Rochester putting the finishing touches on the Fine Craft Show and know it will be excellent. We have many helping hands to help when you arrive and we will welcome you with open arms and warm hospitality. Drive safe and we will see you Friday. Marcia Lowry, FCS Co-Chair

  9. Tracey, positive energy and putting it out there. For sure! I have been visualizing myself dragging sacks of gold to the bank...... LOL!

    Iain been following your project across the pond and I might need a cat to make this work :)

    Wendy, don't you love living here......... If we can make it here we make anywhere. sheesh I think I just quoted Mary Tyler Moore....

    Julia, this year a business plan is in order; building or no building. I think I will call it my hunkering down plan :) or maybe Dancing with Chickens :)

    Marcia......... you guys are just the best! Everyone's words of encouragement have made me pack and ready to roll. When Charlotte emailed I had my head down and stomach churning. Thank everyone for reaching out to all the artists.
    The Memorial Art Gallery Team should be out teaching other promoters how to run shows. There is not another show I have participated in that artists are so respected and loved. It's why I am packing and rolling out the driveway. Thank you!