Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Soul Feeding Time.........

The dust has settled, the pots are gone, and this potter needs her battery recharged.  After months on the road, manically making work and meeting deadlines it's over.  Time for walks again and catching up with friends.  

Yesterday was a wonderful re-charging day!  I met fellow potter and all around terrific friend, Linda, at the Cleveland Museum of Art.  The Museum had ordered pots for the new gallery shop in October!  Ran two loads down and never made it down to see the pots installed!  This is a big deal and how managed not to squeak out a few hours to support the gallery shop opening is unexcusable......... but as a working potter this time of the year, it is THAT busy.  On a good note, most of the pots were gone but a few were left.  The real show was the new addition to the museum.  The new atrium is breath taking, we lingered, had a terrific lunch (thank you Linda!), ran into an old studio mates and spent two hours in the atrium, never making it out to see the rest of the exhibits........... I know, just shocking.  We are going back next week, no lunch, instead we will wander the WARI exhibit and Mary Cassatt.

Green on a grey December Cleveland day...... heavy sigh of relief.

During the last month new glazes were developed and I pounded away at new functional work. 
As much as I love making and using functional work I don't sell much.  The majority of my sales come from decorative work so I really need to run with the round pots and framed pieces.

Celadons are still one of my favorites, none of these came home.

In retrospect ............ glad I stayed in Ohio this year.  Did miss Boston but I think once a year in Boston will be fine.  Working locally my expenses were half and when I totaled out I actually made more staying home.  

As I open my email each morning the show applications are pouring in.  Vowing again to make changes in 2013 I am letting many of the applications go.  Currently, I have my old studio off the house ripped apart and turning it into a gallery.  After 28 years it's time for studio sales.  Also hoping gallery owners will come to shop and place orders.  Over the past year I have packed, unpacked and repacked pots too many times. Double handling is wasted time and money.  Show fees will now be devoted to advertising in publications; local and national.  
More time will be devoted to getting more out of my website.  
Studio sales will give me more time to stay in the studio and the garden.  
No shows in August as that is canning season!  

There have been so many stories over the last few weeks I wish I'd time to blog and will try to do catch up blogs over the next few weeks.  
Stay tuned to deconstruction and new gallery space posts on a limited budget!  :)

Now, headed to the river to check out my favorite fishing hole!  It's 42 F. degrees today and sunny..... in Ohio, in December!  Time to blow the dust of my waders, wander the river and let the creative gremlins out of the box. 


  1. We missed our posts, Potter! So glad you are home and recharging! Sending holiday greetings and nesting love your way! Xoxo

  2. I think many of us are on this same path. I wonder what will become of these shows with all of us getting tired of the travel and the cost of doing them? My studio sale was the most successful thing I did this year, so more of that, less of the show spending. Also taking time for myself, and it is well deserved!

  3. Theresa! Thanks! hope to see you at your studio sale on the 22nd!

    FEFW! been loving your blog, especially holed up in a hotel room after a long day at the show! Nesting love in Dec. is the best!

    Tracey........ there has been much talk of exactly what you posted. Standing around at shows talking to other artists was an eye opener. The photographer next to me at the last show has been on the road for 32 years!! He talked about the glory days of the 90's and how times were hard but he still felt it was worth it to be on the road. I played devil's advocate all weekend and funny he never swayed ......... neither did I :)

  4. and gotta say reading Tracey's blog on the road really hit home! Where are we going and why are we in this basket???? and is the basket on fire?