Thursday, November 28, 2013

Guess who's coming to dinner?

Thanksgiving dinner, the dinner that keeps on giving....... 
I found my dinner menu from last year and thought how many actually came to dinner in 2012?  
Three, 3 whole adult people and there was enough food for thundering hoards of ravenous Huns.  
And again the Hungarian motto rears it's ugly head, 
Why Do When You Can Over Do?  

After perusing last years menu, paring down was in order!  For two days I called the other two feasters and declared there will be one potato this year, only one!  And no BREAD!  Do you hear me NO bread, that includes stuffing!  Three people do not need stuffing!  There will be greens this year, lots of greens!  
2013........ and we are off the rails again!  I do not know how this happens, I really don't.   Is it because I have been cooking these holiday dinners for over 30 years and I just have to re-learn?  Maybe!  
Everybody is getting a distribution bag this year!  
Neighbors prepare to be souped! 

Turkey, mashed potatoes and a tankards of gravy, huge bowl of slaw with loads of good green stuff, green peas saute'ed with mushrooms and onions, sweet potato casserole (second potato?) , pickles from the vault, a la or'ange cranberry sauce and bev-ies.  Oh wait, pies!  (yes, that is plural)  
Even better the handmade dishes, it's just makes dinner taste better :) 

Too many bubbling pots!  
So I ran away to the studio and fired a kiln before dinner. 

Of all the things I was thankful for today........ technology and indoor plumbing. 
Rachael, out in Fort Collins, face time'd in.  

We learned if you tape the iPhone to your head and slowly bring big spoonfuls of mashed potatoes or turkey up to your salivating taste buds, your loved one, far far away can experience the Thanksgiving dinner too.   

Yup, all chairs at the table were covered and Rachael was full!  
Way too much laughing! 
and now....... 

Don't get me wrong, I am thankful, very thankful.  Taking my morning walks make me realized every day what an incredible journey each year has been and how truly lucky we are to be here at this time. 
We must take time to laugh, eat wonderfully prepared food and just be with people we love.

One more finger of bourbon, the last scenes of Harry Potter in the Half Blood Prince and I am headed to the sheets, the flannel sheets because it's still snowing.  
Happy Thanksgiving all who wander to this blog..... 


  1. Gosh, I just love reading your Blog. Busy painting at the moment, making Christmas gifts and pondering on which Kiln to buy next year when I am Settled. Who knows, would love to visit you some day. Enjoy Christmas and happy Pottering

  2. Hi Ingeborg! Thanks!! Have wonderful holidays! Kilns....... I fall asleep at night dreaming of building a new wood fired kiln, now to make it happen!

    And the kettle is always on here in Paine Falls :)