Monday, June 2, 2014

Busy Week......

The days are longer so why come in the house?  
And the weather has been stellar! 

The windows and doors are open, the birds are singing and I have declared war on the carpenter bees,  well until the ground hog shows up. 

Got a bit of work done in the studio, working on new ideas.
I use my dishes in the kitchen as I tend to work out bugs before they hit production.
For a couple years I cut holes in the sides of soup bowls, a place to park your chopsticks. 
Then I watched my kids pour hot soup all over themselves as it sloshed through the parking space. 
Nix that idea! 
Latest tweek; pull the rim like  you were making a spout for a pitcher then roll it back on itself.
round it out, stick some bee sprigs at the corners and it works much better.  Also a place to park your thumb when your passing a dish.  I'm going to run with this idea for a bit.  

New lid designs and vases...... 
have not done vases in .... forever. but then it's June.

Outdoor projects abound..... painted the shed and dug down a foot, laying 
wire around the base.  Hopefully the critters will find another place to hunker down. 

and still we cut and stack....... 

Gardens are growing in leaps and bounds!  
Have hilled the potatoes once and they are ready again! 

Stalking those free range chickens...... 
Chickens 1, Cat 0..... 
and so it goes...

two days of rain in the forecast so back to the studio.....
think I will postpone putting up that electric fence in the rain :) 


  1. Hi Sandy, Everything looks great. Love the new idea you are working on with the bowls. It makes so much sense.

  2. I really don't know how you do pottery and everything else you have going on. I'm feeling a choice coming on here, gardens and chickens or pottery, can't see me doing all three.... But then you prove it is possible!
    My cat seems to understand my chickens are not her toys, I wonder how she knows the trouble she would be in!

  3. Hi Tracey! After 2 years of chickens I have to say they are pretty self sufficient. Let them out in the morning, fresh water, collect eggs and good night. Even in the winter they did pretty well. The first year I moved a lawn chair out there and had my morning coffee with the girls..... now, I'm on the porch :)
    Neil the Cat has gone back to chipmunks today....
    oh and don't forget candle making, cooking, kid fun and all that other great stuff we call life :) That's why they call us Dali Mama's !

  4. I like that bowl. I never understood the holes.
    The bowl is really nice, it is beautiful and useful.
    Keep moving is all we can do, that and pinch babies....

  5. Meredith! Doesn't make you wonder if some potters use there stuff?

    Hard to hit a moving target :)

    and yes!! Pinch those babies!

  6. Hi, thanks for the visit. Your half-acre looks great - much better and productive than our patch which is roughly the same size. Ohio is a fine state. Went to Pomeroy last time we passed through and paid a visit to old rocker/blueser Jorma Kaukonen who has a nice place just outside the town in Meigs County. Have a great summer.

  7. Howdy!! Thanks, it's gett'n there.......

    Meigs County!! whoa, you were out in the boonies and down on the river.

  8. Summer daze! You just keep going and accomplish so much!
    Best to wait for dry weather before messing with electricity! :-D

  9. Hi Suzi! Summer is always so busy, too many projects and too many lists made during the long winter.

    I think I need a Cabana Boy!! :)