Wednesday, November 13, 2013

another week........

A week shot to hell....... well not completely!
After political recovery, garden recovery, and weather recovery, a full week has flown by. 
November skies turned to winter skies in hours. 

This picture was snapped at 6:50 a.m. dashing out the door to the chicken coop.

I believe we could have one more breakfast outside, I really do! 

Needing a break from the studio as the morning and midnight studio lights have been on waaay too much. 

Called my garden pal Maggie to make a food run.  I love shopping in Middlefield, no not because it's full of buggies and Amish families.  My favorite thing about Middlefield, the stores open at 7 a.m! 
I can be out the door by 6:30 a.m, groceries loaded from the butcher and cheese place and back in the studio by 10 a.m.  Maggie and I get a chance to catch up for an hour of face time, rather than email. 

Middlefield....... the go-to place for chicken feed, garden supplies, meat, cheese, sometimes hit the produce auction but not lately.  We had a relative visit who just had to go see the Amish, sort of like going to the zoo I guess.  I deferred to the Botanical Gardens or a good hike at the lake.  I just don't get it, never did. 
Then one of my pals revealed what she does with out of town guests. Load everyone up in her Prius, packing snacks and park in the Middlefield Walmart for a couple hours.  "We just love to watch the Amish shop at Walmart!"  I almost fell off my chair!  But wait, you're kind of jewish I said and my head almost exploded.  Maybe the Amish will drive their buggies to temple someday..... it's a conundrum for me.

When I pull in the butch shop or cheese shop I see the animals responsible for this long distance run.  I send them a thank you and blow a kiss.  
I do love the swine, the flyers and the swimmers, not so much the cow.  
Can life be lived so richly without bacon or lard, I think NOT! 

By-products from the grass fed fields, the cheese co-op. 

and to get through the long nights a lovely Rum cake served with chilled presecco! 

Hoping to light the outside kilns this week when our temps hit 50 degrees on Friday!  

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